Zeitgeist Movement and Esoteric Truth Revealed – Sean Stone w/ Peter Joseph

00:01 Welcoming Peter Joseph to Buzzsaw.
00:33 The nature of Zeitgeist, and Peter Joseph’s evolution towards catharsis.
07:00 Deconstructing the tangled roots of society to find reality.
11:14 Hidden knowledge revealed in the new Alexandria, and the true heart of society.
18:00 The corporate hierarchy of public schools, and zero-sum society.
22:25 Globalization and the expansion of a cancerous structural ethic–Malthusian theory.
28:40 More and more with less and less–philosophical reality in opposition to economic practices.
33:40 Roots of poverty and crime, and the future resource wars.
36:50 Zeitgeist movement actions, and the capitalist distinction.
42:37 Ideas and ownership.
43:!2 Following the Zeitgeist Movement online.
44:02 Thanks and goodbye.