Inevitably, the beautiful fall weather will end, and when it does, winter will take its place. After purchasing our beautiful 5 acres last fall, we were almost immediately hit with a massive storm. When I say massive, I mean 100-year windstorm type of weather. Yikes!

We learned fairly quickly and in the midst of it all, how we could be better prepared for the next storm. Hopefully through our experience, we can help you with your winter storm preparedness.

Stay Up-to-Date and Connected

Keeping up to speed on the weather is important with off grid living. During the winter months, it could be your survival that depends on it. It might seem like common sense, but check daily for weather updates in your area and region. Here are ways we stay in tune to what’s going on in our region:

National Weather Service Smartphone App. Easy to use app. This is a great tool for finding out what is going on in your surrounding area.