Why We Meditate and Why Cobra Asks for Synchronized Meditations

Article by DaNell Glade – PrepareForChange.net author

When we individually spend time in meditation (sit-down, walking, day-dreaming, guided, etc) we are helping to anchor in our own personal light-body or higher self and soul.  Meditation helps to raise your own vibration and raising your vibration helps you function better in the world and (keeps you out of reach of lower vibrations).  There are also dozens of health, psychological and spiritual benefits too.

Why Synchronized Global Meditations

When we consciously show up for these Synchronized Global meditations – we are acting as the Bridge between these Higher Dimensions / Higher Beings and Earth.  These Star Races need the humans on earth to help anchor the light, so we bring the light from the Galactic Central Sun down through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  From the center of the earth we imagine a pillar of light going up through the earth and into our bodies and out into the Beings of Light in our Solar system – cleaning and clearing these energetic levels – these non-physical levels (the matrix).  We also visualize FULL DISCLOSURE, a new Financial System and Benevolent Contact.  Thousands of us doing these meditations and holding this purpose allows us to increase the light below the planet, through us on the planet and above the planet.  Critical Mass will help bring The Event with Full Disclosure closer.  Let’s do this!!!

Please set an Alarm to join with us

Please join us each Sunday at 4 pm UTC time for a 15 minute Global Synchronized Ascension Meditation.  (That’s 9 am PDT, 10:00 am Denver, 12:00 noon Eastern time) etc.  Listen with your local group or by phone or Computer.

There are at least 4 ways and links to connect you.

Victory of The Light




https://prepareforchange.net   home page, top right hand corner


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