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Scientists say there are explanations for why people see ghosts. Can’t they leave ghosts alone? Believing in ghosts doesn’t hurt anyone, and in some cases it actually helps people, and also it’s fun. But nooo, scientists can’t resist endlessly telling us how wrong we are about why people see ghosts.

If you’re a believer in the paranormal and someone tells you that the place you’re about to enter is haunted, you’re more likely to have a paranormal experience when you walk into that place. That makes sense. It makes so much sense, in fact, that we don’t really need a study to tell us it’s true, but we got one anyway.

In 1997, researchers put 22 people into a creepy theater and told them to make observations. Half of the subjects were told the theater was haunted, and the other half were told that it was under construction. Predictably, the half who thought they were visiting a haunted theater were more likely to report intense perceptual experiences. So those results seem to suggest that paranormal experiences happen mostly because people have been led to believe they might happen.

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