Sean Gautreaux provides a concise and comprehensive introduction for those not yet versed in this elusive subject, as well as a quick and easy tutorial on how he captures these craft on film in his very own back yard. Beyond that, he provides those already involved in the community with an invaluable reference source and the wealth of his own experiences with these craft. Gautreaux makes no unsubstantiated claims in his work, providing overwhelming amounts of evidence in this volume for all of the topics discussed. He is also extremely transparent, disclosing the methods with which he captured photos, as well as clearly denoting the type of photo/spectrum manipulation used (if any) in his captures. This volume is an extremely useful informational resource for both those uninitiated to the exposure of cloaked craft in our skies, as well as those actively trying to discern the truth behind these airborne objects.

What Is In Our Skies, Parts 1-19

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