What E-Cigarettes Can Do to Your Body – Mercola

E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative, as well as a hot new trend for teens. What isn’t being marketed is how harmful these can be/are becoming. One pod, for example, is equal to one full pack of cigarettes. It is important to let people know about the fatal and permanent effects.

After an examination of 75 popular vaping cartridges, researchers found 27% contained traces of an endotoxin found on gram-negative bacteria and 81% contained glucan, a compound found in the cell walls of most fungi.

The meteoric rise in the number of teens vaping has overshadowed traditional tobacco use, which may have resulted from a combination of peer pressure, highly addictive nicotine in the product and an assortment of fruity flavors with a smooth nicotine “hit”.

Data demonstrate teens who start vaping are more likely to move to traditional cigarettes, and results from an animal study show those exposed to nicotine during adolescence have a greater risk of engaging in other addictive behavior.

Toxins from vaping also affect bystanders who have similar levels of cotinine (a measure of nicotine absorbed by the body) as those exposed to secondhand traditional smoke.

The secret to quitting smoking is to first get healthy, making it mentally and physically easier to kick the habit.


Unlike traditional cigarettes that emit dangerous aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons, e-cigarettes are nearly odorless and often misperceived as being safe and harmless to your health.

Recent research shows while e-liquid burned in vaping devices contains carcinogenic chemicals, the added flavors may be damaging endothelial cells lining your blood vessels, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke.

In an effort to expand their consumer base to the pediatric population, e-cigarette companies have packaged e-liquid to be burned in vaping devices to look like juice boxes and candy, and are mimicking many of the powerful advertising strategies once used by big tobacco companies.

Although odorless, bystanders are not immune from the dangerous effects of e-cigs as the vapor contains nicotine and other fine particulate pollutant matter easily absorbed through inhalation.


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