Western Poverty: A Crime-Against-Humanity Proven In One Picture


Western Poverty: A Crime-Against-Humanity Proven In One Picture - Bullion Bulls Canada


by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

Many previous commentaries have detailed the (deliberate) destruction of our economies, the destruction of our standard of living, the destruction of our currencies, and the imminent destruction of our societies, themselves. However what has previously been lacking was any specific data or graphic which would simultaneously prove this destruction, and reveal the magnitude of that destruction.

This is no longer an issue. A single chart, ironically produced by one of the Big Banks responsible for this economic carnage, clearly proves the (economic) destruction of the Western bloc, and also details the precise magnitude of that destruction. What it shows can only be described as a crime against humanity.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” At first glance, this chart may not seem to “say” a lot. Lots of poor people in Africa and India. Lots of rich people in the West, and now, lots of poor people as well. Nothing we didn’t already know. However, when we look closer, when we look at the precise proportions of global wealth distribution, then this chart says a great deal. To see this requires more data:

Population of North America + Europe – 1.27 billion

Population of Africa – 1.1 billion

Population of India – 1.25 billion

Population of China – 1.35 billion

For readers with little experience in dealing with statistical jargon, some further translation is in order. The vertical axis of the chart above is easily understood. It is the Earth’s entire population, broken down by regions, and represented on a percentage basis, in order to ensure uniformity in the reporting of this data.

The horizontal axis, the “wealth deciles”, represents the Earth’s population broken down by their level of wealth. The precise way this is done is by grouping people into 10% blocs, with each bloc assigned a sequential number. To make it simpler; “1” represents the poorest 10%-bloc of people on the planet, while “10” represents the wealthiest 10%-bloc.

Similarly, 1 + 2 represents the poorest 20% of the Earth’s population. At the opposite end of the spectrum; 9 + 10 represents the planet’s wealthiest 20%. When we relate these deciles to the actual populations of these regions, we clearly see the crime-against-humanity previously noted.

As shown above; Africa hosts roughly 25% of the bottom decile, the poorest of the world’s poor. India has 20% of the poorest-of-the-poor. When we add North America (10%) + Europe (17%) together; we see that the West now has roughly 27% of the poorest-of-the-poor. Now let’s compare these regions, statistically.

We see that even though the West and India have nearly identical populations, the West has more than 20% more of the poorest-of-the-poor. When we compare the West with Africa, we see that the West (with a slightly greater population) hosts a slightly greater percentage of the poorest-of-the-poor. In proportionate terms; the West and Africa have roughly identical percentages of the poorest-of-the-poor.

Let me repeat this. When it comes to the poorest people on Earth, as percentages of our populations, there are now more of the poorest-of-the-poor in the West than in India, and a virtually identical percentage when compared to Africa.

While these numbers will be shocking to everyone reading this, many readers may be asking themselves: where’s the crime against humanity? We answer this question by looking at the opposite end of the global wealth spectrum: the richest-of-the-rich.

It has been widely reported that the richest-of-the-rich (and primarily the Top-1%) have been getting wealthier at a rate unprecedented in modern history. Indeed, the Top-1%, by themselves, now hoard roughly half of all the world’s wealth.

New Oxfam report says half of global wealth held by 1%

Where do most of the richest-of-the-rich reside? Just look at the chart. Between them, North America (25%) and Europe (35%) house 60% of the richest-of-the-rich, even though representing less than 20% of the Earth’s population. By population; there are more than three times as many (i.e. < 300%) of the number of the richest-of-the-rich in the West, as compared to the Rest of the World.

Now let’s compare the two ends of the spectrum from the chart above. The West (now) produces the same number of the poorest-of-the-poor as Africa, and a greater number than India, while simultaneously having three times as many of the richest-of-the-rich. Can you say “two-tier societies”?

Typically that is a term reserved for Third World nations, and that is what the chart above clearly signifies. The West has extreme poverty which is literally as bad as what exists in Africa, and worse than India. It has extreme wealth, in far more lop-sided proportions, as the middle (i.e. Middle Class) rapidly evaporates.

How did the world’s wealthiest nations suddenly end up with extreme poverty, equal-or-worse to the world’s poorest regions? Put another way; how did the West’s poorest-of-the-poor become the poorest-of-the-poor? More to the point, where did their wealth go?

We’ve already answered that question: it was stolen by the Top-1%, with the enthusiastic assistance of the West’s traitorous regimes. The Top-1% certainly haven’t earned half the world’s wealth. They don’t “earn” anything.

At the opposite end; the Poorest-of-the-poor certainly aren’t to blame for the wealth that has been stolen from them, creating their extreme poverty. They didn’t give away 50+ million Western jobs, via the “free trade” deals foisted upon us by our Traitor Governments. Who is responsible for this job give-away, and the extreme poverty it has produced? Just look at the headlines.

Obama Seeks Trade Deals Sought by Biggest U.S. Companies

Who owns these “biggest companies”? The Top-1%. Here is the “crime against humanity”. In order to increase their own wealth-hoards (at the fastest rate in history); the Top-1% stole all of the wealth of the very Poor, and (as is also common knowledge) stole most of the wealth of the Middle Class – who are now the Working Poor.

Still, many readers will not see the “theft” here, and thus not see the crime-against-humanity. More data is necessary for such readers. As our Traitor Governments were giving away 50+ million jobs via globalizationalone, 10’s of millions of other jobs withered away, due to our anemic economies slowly starving from the lack of wealth in circulation – the $trillions now being hoarded by the Top-1%.

Simultaneously, our Traitor Governments were slashing all social programs, while they were throwing people out of work by the 10’s of millions. Meanwhile, taxes for the Richest-of-the-rich were being slashed to the lowest level in History.

This is called “wealth re-distribution”, in generic terms. In this specific example; it’s called naked theft. Greedy misers, who were already hoarding far more wealth than they could ever, possibly deserve, stealing (and hoarding) much, much, much more wealth – from their own people. A crime against humanity.

Still not convinced? While the Top-1% were perpetrating their crimes against the bottom two-thirds of Western populations, we have China. What has China accomplished, during the exact same time that Western regimes were creating extreme poverty, at the fastest rate on the planetChina has eliminated poverty in its own nation – with a population significantly larger than the combined population of the West, and despite starting from a much lower, overall wealth-level.

If China’s government could virtually wipe-out all poverty (as the previous chart shows, unequivocally), can there be any, possible excuse for the economic devolution we see in the West? The Great Divide, where the Richest-of-the-rich (and mostly the Top-1%) have gotten much, much, much wealthier, while the Poorest-of-the-poor (and the majority of the population) have gotten much, much, much poorer?

Of course there can be no excuse for such an extreme dichotomy: the elimination of poverty amongst one, massive population; the creation of extreme poverty (in massive numbers) in another population. There can be no excuse, because we see where all that wealth has disappeared: into the wealth-hoards of the Top-1%.

One final issue/objection must be addressed. We have all seen a near-infinite number of heart-breaking images, sometimes from India, but more often from Africa, of people whose poverty is so extreme that they are literally on the brink of starvation. We don’t see such images in the West, at least not in such large numbers.

Here it must be noted that within each 10% wealth decile, there can be (and is) greater diversity. Describing the bottom wealth decile as “extreme poverty” is clearly a factually accurate label. But “extreme poverty” is not quite the same thing as starvation-level poverty.

If we were to sub-divide the Poorest-of-the-poor still further, and subtract out the poorest-of-the-poorest-of-the-poor (the bottom-1%), those at a literal starvation level, then clearly Africa still “wins” in any comparison. But that is not the point.

The extreme poverty which a handful of Misers have inflicted upon 10’s of millions of people across the Western world isn’t (yet) killing large numbers of those people. Does this mere fact mean that this is not a “crime against humanity”? Of course not. The Top-1% may not have (yet) ended the lives of these 10’s of millions of Victims. But they have unequivocally destroyed those 10’s of millions of lives.

The systemic theft of these countless $trillions, from countless millions across the Western world is a crime against humanity. As accomplices to this systemic theft; the Traitor Governments who directly facilitated this theft of wealth are equally culpable in this crime against humanity.

The Big Banks (also owned by the Top-1%) were the primary financial instruments which enabled this massive wealth-transfer, i.e. theft. It is, depending on one’s perspective, either the ultimate in irony, or plain hubris that one of these same Big Banks has now revealed and proven this economic crime against humanity.

BY · NOVEMBER 1, 2015

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