Weather Warfare Microwave Beam Causing Drought in Mexico Sept 8, 2019 – The HAARP Report

For years, I have seen these clear lines through the clouds, from Isla Guadalupe, to the nearest thunderstorm complex (east, west, south). Then, the storms disappear, replaced by clear air in a hurry. Well, I just caught a good example of these lines, which are caused by a gigawatt microwave beam, evaporating the marine layer of clouds.
This is more proof of WEATHER WARFARE CRIMES against the planet, and against humanity. If these storms were left alone, rain would fall in mexico, arizona, southern California, New Mexico and even west Texas.
Worse yet, is the death of plankton, caused by the thousands of square miles of damage to the ozone layer, OVER THE PLANKTON in the Sea of Cortez. If you wanted to know who is killing the oceans, you are finding out now. Isla Guadalupe is a planet killing facility, run by the US Navy.
I have seen these lines for years, and made many videos, all of which were deleted from my hard drive after sitting for a few days. So, I just took an hour, made a real quickie video, and uploaded it without trying to achieve perfection. So, it could have been made better, but then, you’d never get to see it! LOL, what a crappy, fraudulent, criminal government (and military) we have!!!
Sadly, in about two weeks, the software engineers at NOAA in Suitland, Maryland, will make SURE that nobody sees these lines ever again. Your federal tax dollars at work, depriving you of the truth, and eventually, depriving you of the ability to survive.
This blatant evidence on GOES West, is a defacto statement from the secret government, to all of humanity:
“Yes, we are waging Weather War against you, and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP US.”
It is all very science fiction-like, but you ain’t seen nothin yet!
Please spread the word on videos that show actual evidence (hopefully, like this one).
Cheers, and I really appreciate your support!