The Higher Self intention for Contact is so much more than just UFO Sightseeing or waiting for “disclosure” …it is about a heart felt connection with our benevolent family in the Multi-Verse. That is what the supposed government “disclosure” (which is all about manipulated disinformation) misses out on.This is James Gilliland’s experiential workshop where you have the opportunity to learn about the Healing Negative Influences Process, engage with your Higher Self and experience the energies of our multi-dimensional benevolent Star Brothers and Sisters first hand. Those who are familiar with James’ technique of using the “tipping table” will enjoy spending time in the energies of the Higher Dimensionals.

Those who have not yet experienced James’ signature work will be invited to experience the frequencies of these different Star Nations (usually Ascended Masters, Pleiadians, Orions, the Sirians -Felines, Panther Beings and Lion Beings, Andromedans and sometimes Arcturians and perhaps more). Each gathering is unique based on the attendees’energies and the Star Beings working most closely with Humanity at the time.Come with an open heart and an open mind and leave with a deeper connection to your own most relevant Star Family. After this workshop,you are encouraged to continue doing the Healing Negative Influences process to keep your fields clear and to strengthen your personal connection with the Star Beings in your own meditations

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