Trump, 5D Consciousness, Intuition, Awakening, NWO, Kundalini – Alexis Brooks w/ Sean Stone

Sean Stone has never been short on words, or thoughts. His philosophy on life, history and the underpinnings of this world are vast and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

In this very “raw and real” discussion Sean shares his own insights about what’s happening in our world right now including the political climate during this important campaign year.

We also discuss the idea of moving into 5D or fifth dimensional consciousness. What will it take to seamlessly integrate this “new” territory into our own lives?

Is this about jumping into a new reality or rather blending 5D awareness with our still very real 3D existence?

We cover it all in this short but succinct episode with Sean Stone.

Sean had some very strong opinions during the course of this conversation. Some may agree, others not, and further some may straddle the fence of opinion.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the guests of this show are not necessarily those of Higher Journeys or its host. Personal discretion and discernment are strongly encouraged. And as always, keep an open mind.