Trudeau Continues To Defend Saudi Arms Deal

Trudeau was recently asked about the controversial $15 billion dollar Canada-Saudi arms deal, and he responded by continuing to defend the deal under the justification that Canada needs to live up to its word. “We need to be able to project [to] the world that when Canada agrees to something, it sticks to its word,” said Trudeau on the matter. Even though Trudeau wasn’t the leader of Canada back when the deal was made, he insists that “we need to make sure we are respected on the world stage by keeping our word,” when it comes to that deal.

The $15 billion dollar deal includes armored vehicles and they are to be equipped with machine guns and anti-tank cannons. Many Canadians continue to voice their concerns for the deal and their discontent with the decision of the Liberal government to move forward with it. Saudi Arabia is a country with a harsh human rights record and they have a reputation that isn’t respected on the world stage with the people. How then can sending them $15 billion in arms be a good decision for Canada to make? And yet, Trudeau charges forward defending the plan for what will be the largest military export contract in Canadian history.

While Trudeau continues to defend the deal and insist that Canada needs to move forward, a lawsuit has been launched in the meantime to try and block the sale from happening. Experienced human rights legal scholar Eric David says that he believes Canada is in violation of international law with the deal and he is supporting a lawsuit that was launched by University of Montreal professor Daniel Turp just this year.