To Become a Wizard : The Mystery Schools – R Wayne Steiger

Are Wizards real, are Witches real? Seems like a ridiculous question but yet the question still remains is this just imaginary or do Wizards and Witches actually walk among us in this modern age? History and evidence shows overwhelmingly that Wizards and Witches are very much real and do exists and have been proven to be very POWERFUL human beings and the craft is one that can be taught.

So where does one go to be taught the Craft and how can one know if they have what is required to become a powerful Wizard / Witch and to enroll in a Mystery School to be taught the Secret Knowledge?

This series will educate you enough to determine if you have what it takes to qualify and where you can go to enroll in a Mystery School to be taught and become part of an exclusive group of men and women who know.

No weapon formed against you can prosper.

The Crystal Network:

Knowledge = Power
Ignorance = Enslavement
Embrace Free Thinkers

If You Think Witchcraft Is Evil, You Can’t Be More Wrong

Ceremonial Magic & Sorcery: How An Ancient Art Became Perverted By The ‘Global Elite’

Pentagram, The Faultily Demonized and Defamed Symbol of Witchcraft, Harmony and Therapy


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