This is the important video, a masterpiece of our dear friend from Taygeta (Pleyades), Swaruu of Erra. She explains what is the Temporary Manipulation done with their starship technology, and why it is useless. You will understand more about who Swaruu is, what she has lived, and how she feels with all the experiences of timeline jumps she has done. Must watch! All Swaruu´s chats and articles are registered and under Copyright. Thanks Bent K. Michaelsen for the translation from Spanish!
Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 1):
Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 2):
Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 3):
Stellar Navigation (Part 4):
Stellar Navigation (Part 5):
Stellar Navigation (Part 6):
Stellar Navigation (Part 7):
Stellar Navigation (Part 8 -1):
Stellar Navigation (Part 8-2):
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