Astral Projection/OBE : Indoctrination, Your Beliefs Are Not Your Own, Incarnation Planning, Lack of Knowledge Is the Problem – Alexis Brooks w/ William Buhlman

The out of body experience, though one of the most commonly reported anomalies, is still one such experience that many refuse to believe are real.

OBE expert and experiencer William Buhlman dealt firsthand with that resistance about his own repeated childhood out of body experiences, as he tried to explain them to his mother.

Though he insisted that his experiences were real and he needed an explanation as to what they were, his mother refused to acknowledge them.

This Buhlman says, is a symptom of rigid belief or in this case non-belief and why so many are limited in exploring their own spiritual path.

Too often spirituality is predicated on a particular belief system adopted by the individual, thereby leaving them with a narrow frequency band of possibility.

For others, however, the spiritual journey may begin through a challenging scenario or an experience like an OBE or NDE – near-death experience.

Buhlman has always insisted that if belief alone is the sole arbiter of the spiritual path, then we are missing the biggest part of the adventure.

I spoke once again with William Buhlman to discuss his thoughts on these ideas and what he feels it takes to peel back the layers of belief in order to experience an authentic spiritual journey.

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