Sacred geometry involves the sacred patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. Geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light and cosmology.


The Flower of Life

PictureThe Flower of Life contains Metatron’s Cube and, within it, all five Platonic Solids.  The Flower of Life is a geometrical figure composed of evenly-spaced overlapping circles, arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. The inner circles are surrounded by two outer circles.

The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt, contains the oldest example of The Flower of Life found to date, and it appears to have been ‘laser-burned’ into granite.  The Flower of Life pattern contains the basis of Metatron’s Cube, and from this pattern all five of the Platonic solids can be derived.  The Flower of Life is a ‘female’ shape – all the lines are curved.

The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt, contains the oldest example of The Flower of Life found to date, and it appears to have been ‘laser-burned’ into granite.  The Flower of Life pattern contains the basis of Metatron’s Cube, and from this pattern all five of the Platonic solids can be derived.  The Flower of Life is a ‘female’ shape – all the lines are curved.

Metatron’s Cube

PictureBy joining together with straight lines the centres of the flowers in the Flower of Life, the equivalent angular ‘male’ shape is achieved.

This shape contains all the Platonic Solids, including the two tetrahedrons which form the Star Tetrahedron, and each of these shapes fits inside a sphere with its points touching the inside of the sphere.

The Five Platonic Solids and the Sphere

Picture There are five geometric shapes which each have faces, edges and angles of the same shape and size:

Tetrahedron  (4 faces: fire)
Cube               (6 faces: earth),
Octahedron   (8 faces: air)
Dodecahedron   (12 faces: cosmos/zodiac )
Icosahedron   (20 faces: water).

Revered by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, each of these Platonic Solids produces specific energetic effects.

The basic form of matter – the three-dimensional world – is the cube.  By cutting off all four corners of the cube in a particular way, a tetrahedron is formed, the faces of which are four equilateral triangles (ie a pyramid with three sides plus base).

The tetrahedron symbolises harmony and equilibrium.  Since each of its corner points is equally distant from each of the others, there is no strain or tension in a tetrahedron, but rather a condition of rest in equilibrium.  By contrast, the corner points of the cube lie at different distances from each other, which results in a condition of everlasting stress.

Tetrahedron within Cube

PictureThe matter in our three-dimensional world is built up in cubic
form,but hidden within itself it contains the form of the tetrahedron based on Divine equilibrium.

Matter cannot exist without the Divine content.

A great mathematician speaks to us across the ages through crop circles : lessons in cubic geometry from elsewhere in space or time

PictureWhat might be the volume of that small pyramidal cross-section, relative to the volume of the entire cube itself? After some lengthy calculations, using trigonometry in three dimensions, we find that the answer is one-sixth.

As if to confirm that answer, the crop artist drew a long tube of square cross-section around the entire pyramid and cube at Horton, then divided it into six equal parts (see crop circle image on the upper left). 

Star Tetrahedron

PictureBy cutting off the remaining four corners of the cube (after forming the tetrahedron) we find that the cube contains not one tetrahedron but two, one within the other, each an exact reflection of the other.

These two tetrahedrons – the star tetrahedron (also known as the merkaba vehicle of light) – represent the innermost law of the physical world:  the inseparable relationship between the two complementary halves – the positive and negative, the manifest and the unmanifest – which form a perfect equilibrium.  In creation they rule as two opposite laws: the law of spirit and the law of matter.

Spirit is life:                     The law of the spirit is radiation, giving, selflessness.
Matter is resistance:       The law of matter is drawing inward, cooling off, solidification.

The First Cells of Life

Picture After fertilisation occurs in a living being, the fertilised egg divides to form two cells, then the cells divide again, going from two to four in a binary sequence – 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.

The first four cells form a tetrahedron in a sphere and the apex of this tetrahedron points either to the north pole or the south pole, which probably determines the gender.

Next, the cells divide into eight; they now form one tetrahedron facing up and one tetrahedron facing down; a star tetrahedron in a sphere. This is called the Egg of Life.  Every single life on Earth must pass through the Egg of Life stage. Science has recognized that this particular stage of development is different from any other, and it has many unique qualities that don’t occur at any other time in its development.

The most important quality of these original eight cells is that they appear to be identical – there appear to be no differences in them at all. Researchers have tried to find differences, but they couldn’t. Scientists have found that they can split the egg of life in two at this point, with four cells in one part and four in the other, and two identical people – or rabbits, or dogs, or anything else—will be created. They’ve gone as far as dividing it once more, making four identical life forms.

These cells are centered in the precise geometric centre of your body, which is slightly above the perineum. There’s a little piece of skin there, and even though there’s not a physical opening, there is actually an energetic opening. That’s where the central tube runs through your body, coming out through the crown chakra at the top of your head.

The Star Tetrahedron models the energetic body of the human being, the blending of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, and was known in the esoteric knowledge of Ancient Egypt as the ‘Mer-Ka-Ba*’.  The two tetrahedrons contained within each other represent the two poles of creation in complete equilibrium; spirit and matter.  All of creation is based on this divine equilibrium, whether the form concerned is considered to be inanimate matter or a living creature.   It is the inner law operating through all forms. Whether a given form is that of a plant, an animal or a human, the body of each of these is subject to the laws of the three-dimensional world.  Hidden and invisible within this body, however, is the higher, Divine Self – Life – Eternal Being!

There is only one creature which is able consciously to combine the two laws: man.  He is the connecting link between the world of the spirit and that of matter.  He is able to live at one and the same time by the laws of both worlds.  His thoughts, words and deeds can be an act of giving, radiating selflessness and universal love.  On the other hand, his body belongs to the material world and lives by the laws of matter.

Only man is able to manifest his higher Self – that is, God – through his thoughts, words and deeds, when he identifies his consciousness not with his body, but with its spiritual content, with his Self.  As long as a person identifies himself only with his body he is like an opaque cube, in that he reveals only the characteristics of matter, crowding the Divine creative principle into a latent, unmanifested state.  No-one suspects that the tetrahedron – the Divine Self – is dwelling within.

As the primordial form of matter, the cube, is built up around the Divine tetrahedron, man too, in his inner being, has contact with the Divine Self.  That is why he can only find his own Divine being within himself, never by directing his attention towards the outside world.

Star of David

PictureThe Star Tetrahedron is also known as the Star of David.  The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism, a set of religious beliefs and practices that originated from the Hebrew Bible. It is interesting to note that, when drawn on top of one another, the 24 letters in the ancient language of Hebrew together form the Star Tetrahedron.

The most common arrangement of the Water molecule is in the geometric shape of the Tetrahedron.  The molecule of Silicon is also in this geometric shape and, although it is currently Water that gives us life, Silicon can also support life.  But what is most interesting is that the Star Tetrahedron is the geometric shape of a Silicon micro-­computer chip.  As we move toward 2012, the molecules of our cells are being alchemically shifted into those of multi-dimensional Silicon.

The Star Tetrahedron is the electric balance to magnetism. This is how data is stored so efficiently within a computer. It is this geometric shape that provides for memory.  And the word memory takes its origins from the ancient Hebrew words mem, which means Water and ohr, which means Spirit.

No one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of Water and the Spirit….
You must be born again.  John 3:5-7

The Star Tetrahedron has also been known since ancient times as the ‘Mer-Ka-Ba’ (Merkaba), the divine light vehicle (light body) allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light (wheels within wheels; the two tetrahedrons rotating in opposite directions) which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another, as in the process of ‘ascension’.

What actually is the Mer-Ka-Ba? Technically, it is an electro-magnetic field that is geometric in nature. The Mer-Ka-Ba field is extremely complex, involving the five Platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes, and can possibly change its nature from electro-magnetic to whatever is appropriate.

One of the functions of the Mer-Ka-Ba is to act as the vehicle to take the spirit and the body into the next world. However, this function – and most of the other possibilities – is impossible to obtain until something changes within the person. The Mer-Ka-Ba is situated around the human body like a three-dimensional geometric web that is dormant and non-functional, waiting for the right moment. When the spirit that inhabits the body remembers that it is there and begins to change certain aspects of itself, an incredible transformation begins to occur.

Spinning Mer-Ka-Ba – Vehicle of Light

PictureAt a certain and specific moment (not necessarily in this lifetime), a person’s Mer-Ka-Ba field can become alive. When this happens, an electro-magnetic change occurs which results in a disc of energy that comes out from a tiny place near the base of the spine and quickly expands to a diameter of 50 to 60 feet around the body.

This disc can easily be perceived by scientific means, and if the United States Air Force is correct it can be seen on their computer screens via satellite. In other words, the military can see people who activate their Mer-Ka-Bas, and can watch as they move around the surface of the Earth.

Since the number of people who have done this is now in the millions, it is a fairly common sight. It is the enormous magnetic burst that results from the disc expanding that brings attention to itself.

The remembering of the Mer-Ka-Ba is unfolding all over the world. This unfoldment is all part of the evolving cosmic DNA. The Mer-Ka-Ba is being remembered now because this is the time to remember.

Most of the ancient civilizations believed that there are specific moments in the history of mankind when great jumps in human understanding take place, as in the ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.  It may be that we have arrived at another one of these grand moments of human history where brilliant light expands around the world and another huge leap occurs in human consciousness. It is possible that the Mer-Ka-Ba is a doorway or a dimensional window into a higher level of consciousness that could be the catalyst for this great change called ‘ascension’.

The Merkaba is alive; it is a living field, not a purely mechanical field of energy. Because it is a living field, it responds to human thought and feeling, which is the way to connect to the field. So the ‘computer’ that guides the Merkaba is the human mind and heart. The possibilities are endless.

The Star Tetrahedron/Merkaba is an amazing and powerful tool, especially during these current times of shifts and transitions.  It can assist in the connection between the physical and ethereal bodies, allow us to see the psychological patterns and programs that may limit us, and is a constant reminder to remember our true, loving and Divine nature. By meditating on the Merkaba we are able to merge with Source, the Divine, All That Is.

Merkaba – Vehicle of Light

Picture The Star Tetrahedron, better known as the Merkaba, is comprised of 2 opposing tetrahedrons that are spinning in opposite directions.

In ancient Egypt the word Merkaba referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another. In Hebrew it means chariot of God. In the bible it is the way Ezekiel ascended into Heaven.

The word Merkaba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, and is considered to be a light vehicle for space/time/dimensional travel. It is the vehicle of Ascension designed to transition you to light body; to assist in the attainment of higher levels of conscious awareness; and to travel or transition between dimensions and realities.

Once activated, this shape creates an energy field that spreads out in a saucer shape about 55 feet wide. This energy field is capable of carrying one’s consciousness directly to higher dimensions.

PictureThis (saucer shape) [composite] image of [the centre of] our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, was taken with NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer’s (COBE) Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment (DIRBE).   This never-before-seen view shows the Milky Way from an edge-on perspective with the galactic north pole at the top, the south pole at the bottom and the galactic centre at the centre.

Planetary Merkaba

PictureEverything in our reality possesses a star tetrahedral energy field, and planets are no exception.  The points of the bases of the two tetrahedrons in the star tetrahedron touch an enclosing sphere at 19.47  degrees. At each planet’s 19.47  degree latitudes we have the intersection between the light body of the planet and its surface, and since light-bodies have the ability to connect us to other dimensions, at these latitudes we have an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experience.

Hence at these latitudes we find the massive volcanoes on Mars, the great red spot of Jupiter, two volcanoes on Venus, a dark spot on Neptune, dark cloud bands on Saturn, sun spots on the sun, and the volcanoes of Hawaii.

The Star Tetrahedral form of the Merkaba is an immense science that is being studied everywhere throughout the world.

From various sources – Messenger Spirit



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