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Russia threatens no one. No “Russian aggression” exists, not in Ukraine or anywhere else.

The Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin abhors wars, champions world peace and stability – his agenda polar opposite America’s war on humanity.

Bipartisan neocons calling Russia America’s greatest existential threat are bald-faced liars, hyping fear, supporting militarism and warmaking at a time the nation’s only threats are invented ones.

The NYT is militantly Russophobic, its editors pathologically hostile to Vladimir Putin.

Commenting on a Senate Foreign Relations Committee disinformation report on Russia, commissioned and published by undemocratic Dem Ben Cardin, supported by other committee Dems, independent of GOP committee members, Times editors railed about a nonexistent Putin “threat to democracies in Europe and elsewhere.”

They disgracefully called the pure propaganda report entirely lacking credibility “the most comprehensive public accounting of Russia’s war on the West” – this from the self-styled newspaper of record, featuring rubbish, not real news, information and analysis on vital issues, notably geopolitical ones, bashing Russia irresponsibly.

The Times: The Senate Dems report “drives home the point that the 2016 election, which every American intelligence agency has said involved Russian interference to help elect Donald Trump, is part of a pattern in which Mr. Putin has worked to erode Western institutions and undermine faith in democratic practices.”

Fact: No Russian interference occurred in America’s election or any others. Claims otherwise failed to produce corroborating evidence because there is none – just baseless accusations.

Fact: US and other Western institutions alone systematically “undermine faith in democratic practices” they abhor and don’t tolerate – at home or abroad.

The Times: “Few countries in Europe have escaped (Putin’s) malign intrusions. The report should serve as an alert for the United States to work urgently with its allies to protect democracy.”

Fact: Malign intrusions are a longstanding US specialty, not Russia’s under Putin.

Fact: No Western democracies exist to protect, fantasy ones alone.

The Times: “…Trump persists in his bizarre fascination with Mr. Putin and refuses to acknowledge that Russia poses a security threat.”

Fact: No Russian security threat exists, just a US one partnered with NATO, Israel and their rogue allies.

The Times recited a laundry list of phony anti-Russia accusations, including nonexistent use of “military force.”

The Times: “Russia has weakened democracy in Hungary and Bulgaria, both members of the European Union and NATO, and has drawn them closer to Mr. Putin’s orbit. The Kremlin is spreading its reach into Mexico and the Middle East.”

Pure rubbish, typical Times disinformation, truth-telling banished from its geopolitical reporting, notably on Russia and other nations Washington targets for regime change, naked aggression its favored strategy.

No Trump team/Russia collusion occurred. No evidence suggests otherwise. Yet witch-hunt investigations persist going nowhere, wasting time and millions of dollars.

I rarely agree with Trump on most everything. He’s right about major media fake news, almost right tweeting “Russia & the world (are) laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing” in America.