The New Human, Understanding Our Potential, Shift of Consciousness, Reset, Transformation, Society – Higher Journeys w/ Mary Rodwell

Like so many others in our community of game changers and “off the cuff” thinkers, ET contact researcher and author of The New Human – Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage, Mary Rodwell, weighs in on her perspective about how this NEW REALITY we’re all finding ourselves in these days is affecting what she’s called “The New Human.”

As controversial as this may seem, especially now with a mass protocol underway, Mary says that the individuals she’s interviewed and studied are having a much different response to the “pandemic” we face – not only emotionally, psychologically and spiritually but maybe even biologically!

What she’s found will rock the foundations of status quo to the core and she’s ready to discuss it, right here with us for this special premiere episode!

Be sure to join us in the LIVE CHAT 🗣 as we’ll be discussing what Mary has to share while the interview takes place, LIVE, during this April 19th premiere.

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