The Near Death Experience Of Carrie Kohan & The Five Lessons Of Life From The Council Of Men – The Moore Show

About Carrie Kohan:
The 5 Lessons of Life is a true story about an ordinary woman’s journey into the afterlife of both Heaven and Hell. Carrie Kohan died twice in her late 20’s and returned with these 5 simple lessons. They completely changed her life! After returning from Heaven, Kohan became one of those rare gems who has made a difference for millions of children on this planet! She applied what she was taught in the ‘White Void’ and soon became a National Child Advocate. Carrie has improved countless lives by amending and writing 14 laws to protect children around the world! What’s phenomenal is that Carrie’s not a lawyer, nor an educated woman. In fact, she was illiterate much of her life! Kohan was a stay-at-home mom who lived in a trailer park when her miraculous career as a volunteer advocate first began… She says that after her two deaths, she felt guided to make a difference. In this book, you’ll learn the secrets of how she did just that! You’ll learn how to apply these principles in your own life, and how to live your ultimate dream! You’ll discover how to tap into your own untold potential – while entering into your purpose-filled life! Kohan invites you to use this book as if it were your ‘Owner’s Manual’ for your Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Connection! Learn how to create whatever it is in life that you desire, while also making a positive change for others… For nearly three decades, Carrie has shared the 5 Lessons of Life in her workshops, online, and has counselled over 10,000 clients in 1:1 Private Sessions… And for the first time in print, the profound (yet simple) 5 Lessons of Life is now being shared with you…

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