The Mystical Spiritual Mission of Animals

Animals are conscious beings who feel and perceive everything around them. They are sentient beings with their own mystical Mission.

Spiritually, everything that lives fulfills a function, or a purpose, like we like to say. All forms of life are conscious, although the levels of consciousness are variable. No, it’s not just us humans capable of thinking, feeling, and loving.

The human being is arrogant when he thinks that only he can determine consciousness based on his own experience. We believe we are the only intelligent and conscious beings in the world. Some believe that we are the only thinking beings in the Universe. We are at the top of the pyramid of thought, but is it?

Animals are conscious beings who feel and perceive everything around them. They know how to read emotions and have their own spirituality. For example, dogs and cats have mentors. They have a chakra system. They are known for having out of body experiences (astral projections).

And as they exist in the same world as us, our lives are interconnected in the same dimension, and they have a beautiful mission with us. And we with them. This relationship was not established by chance, and it serves us a lot in our evolutionary journey.

First, let’s talk about love. To speak to an animal is to speak the language of love. With them, we learn about unconditional love, joy, loyalty, resilience. Not only dogs, but cats also save children from a fire. They even sleep on the deceased owner’s grave and die of depression after being abandoned or losing the owner. The fact is that many animals perceive our sadness, our suffering, and exchange energy with us.

They help us to balance our body, mind, and spirit. For example, a cat can neutralize a negative and charged environment, helping balance our home’s energies.

“All knowledge, all questions and answers are contained in the dog.” Franz Kafka

It is possible that through our relationship with animals, we discover more about ourselves. They also show us with great love how we can evolve as humanity. Our relationship with animals is much more spiritual than physical. It is not by chance that our evolutionary paths crossed on Earth. They are part of the secret of our evolution. An animal can teach us some of the most valuable qualities, such as unconditional love, pure devotion, and the value of loyalty and compassion.

The Importance of Adoption

To Adopt is a beautiful human gesture. We know that there is nothing wrong (at first) with wanting to have a particular breed of cat or dog, for example. The problem begins when we discover the terrible and cruel market behind breeders. There are really few places that might reproduce animals for trade acceptably and humanely.

These are almost always a horror theater, sunk in animal suffering of all kinds. Pet shops themselves are very bad environments. Now that we are all stuck at home because of the need for social distancing, we get an idea of what it is like to be trapped inside of a cage. We know now how it feels to be confined in an aquarium or zoo.

Imagine animals that spend their entire lives in captivity, breeding, or serving as entertainment for us. Try to imagine the spiritual impact of those who enjoy hunting and spread traps, which provoke and promote animals’ suffering and death.

Another factor to consider when considering adopting is the scandalous rate of animal abandonment in the world. While countries like Germany and Holland managed to zero the number of animals left on the streets, in many other countries, it still is common to find people who simply put the dog in the car, drive to a distant place and abandon the poor guy. They turned their backs and never come back. Reports of abuse or neglect are also shocking. This all makes the shelters absolutely crowded. Many dogs, cats, and other animals just want a home, an owner! Even if it were only that … how many are sacrificed to make room for others?

The way we treat animals has to change. We can no longer accept that puppies are raised as they are. We can no longer consume brands that test on animals or benefit from any animal suffering. We cannot wear clothes that contain blood and allow the food industry, namely the farm factoring, to continue committing the atrocities they commit. In fact, the coronavirus only happened due to our deadly relationship with nature. Our change is urgent, it is for yesterday. There is no more time. This is probably our last chance.

One of the ways we have to help the world is to adopt. Whenever you can, adopt. Do not buy. Review your eating habits and get to know the manufacturing process of what you consume. Welcome to the awakening of your heart!

The Role of Animals and The Quarantine

As pet owners, we are already tired of the quarantine, but our pets seem to be loving it, now that they are never alone and have walks at any time of the day.

The quarantine is emptying cat and dog shelters around the world. It happened in the United States, Brazil, and many other countries. A phenomenon is never seen before! Whoever has a pet knows the good that animals can do for us.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France

To avoid the loneliness of the quarantine and brighten up the confinement, people decided to adopt animals. It is a beautiful gesture. And they are right because the benefits of having a pet at home are attested by science. In the physical dimension, our gain is enormous. In the spiritual, the gains are even more remarkable. In the physical dimension, our gain is enormous. In the spiritual, the gains are even more remarkable.

Pets are Like Remedies for Us, Science Says

Science says that animals can reduce the level of stress and anxiety and provide reliable emotional support. That, before the quarantined world. Imagine now, when we spend a moment of social isolation, I have never seen this generation.

Having a dog or cat right now can mean the difference between a mental breakdown and emotional balance. It is no coincidence that animals are often used to help treat post-traumatic stress disorders. They also can assist in various treatments, such as depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, panic disorder, heart problems, loneliness, and grief. Animals heal and are great companions. Nature and general have the keys to healing the human body, mind, and spirit.

Having a pet around during isolation brings love and fun to the routine, besides making us healthier and more balanced.

Especially for those who already suffered from a type of disorder like depression and anxiety, having the company of an animal makes all the difference. They are like medicine!

We Can Still Embrace!

Humans are beings that embrace. It is an almost instinctive, irresistible need. It is very rare to find someone who does not like to hug. Some studies prove that babies need hugs, kisses, physical contact. Caring, love, and warmth are essential for the baby’s development, as important as meeting his basic needs. The hug is something that accompanies us since birth.

And who can we hug without stopping? Our pets, our faithful and tireless companions. In this pandemic, cats and dogs manage to satisfy the need for the “touch” felt by humans in this phase of social detachment and planned isolation.

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