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If you’ve seen the latest Indiana Jones film, you will understand Patrice’s universe! Whilst growing up, he discovered the Crystal skull of ‘Mitchell-Hedges’ in a book, it was a revelation! In 2004, he met with the ancient crystal skull called Max and from that moment on he has reconnected himself with the energy of these artefacts. He became the guardian of a contemporary crystal skull which is connected to Sirius and later acquired 3 ancient skulls from Mexico, Mongolia and Egypt. His other passion for over 20 years is the crop circles. This talk is given in French with English Translation

Filmed at WCCSG Circles of Knowledge Conference, August 2011, Wiltshire, by Hugh Newman & Jonathan Adams.

Copyright Megalithomania/Pentos TV 2011. All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Hugh Newman –
Directed by Jonathan Adams –

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