Right on schedule, Donald Trump decides to try instigate a war with Iran at the same time he is being impeached. I foretold this event the night he was elected. I am watching events unfold in horror, as I saw how it all ends. That must mean the Bible has all the answers… This show should help show people the reality of what’s taking place. This show goes back to the real creation of the people of earth and explains how a 50,000 year old war is still in full swing, that started over 600,000 years ago on Tiamat. Genesis is a fraud, the truth of Revelation is much worse. Benevolent alien races are trying to make first contact with the human race and the Negative races are not going to give up control of this planet without a fight. Ascension is only years away. This is known as the great separation of the human race. The last thing this planet needs is 5G or a world war. I incorporate several of the Law Of One videos with some words of wisdom from Jehoshua, the real name of Jesus. I also show the REAL 24 elders of Revelation. They are the Saturn Council. As always, Nostradamus taking center stage. Knowledge is power. Get it while you still can. First contact is going to happen in the coming years. The world needs heroes now, more than ever. Do not believe anything you see and hear on the news. Nuclear war is forbidden by much higher powers than the people of earth. Love you lots!
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Source videos used: Short clips from The Cosmic Secret
Dolores Cannon – The New Earth
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