The Great Genius: The One Who Unites The World & The Nostradamus Prophecies – Naughty Beaver

A new timeline of reality is beginning to manifest itself. The more people awaken on this planet, the faster it will come into being. This is the most powerful and thorough video I could create, to show the world the future timeline of the Great Genius. The Tui Bei Tu Prophecy of China, The Hopi Prophecy, the Nostradamus Manuscript and Prophecies, foretell a Great genius coming to earth that can unite the planet. Many would call it the second coming. It’s much more than that. A supreme mind that can unite all facets of life from science to the atheists. If the people use their divine will together, we can manifest a future that will usher in the 1000 years of peace on earth 5D. Included in this video is Elizabeth April as featured on Leak Project explaining the 144,000 who are already here on earth and their function. This video uses a video from the Arcturian collective (Daniel Scranton) looking down on earth witnessing this potential unfold. I was blown away when I saw it. This video is unique and I hope it begins to inspire others. I really hope this helps others with the journey. Stop letting the Television tell you what reality is. Create it for yourself. Love you lots! Naughty Beaver

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