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WW3 Knocking On Our Door Everyone Says – Morris


News And Views From The Nefarium – Joseph P. Farrell – Sept 30 2016

https://youtu.be/TH0nBcr6zQ0 Synopsis: - The US destruction of Syrian convoy and its ramification - West covert war against Russia, triggering WW3 - USG lost all its creditability for negotiation!!!...

WW3? How the Ceasefire in Syria broke down


ISIS, Syria, War, Terrorism: Nothing to See Here, Move Along…


Putin: US fails to fulfill Syria ceasefire deal obligations, terrorists use it to regroup

https://youtu.be/8d8JR-H-iEU https://youtu.be/Re3S1kLcQfU https://youtu.be/cYileZg3Qbo https://youtu.be/l7A9lRZAUW4  

Terrorists attacks on Latakia province | May 23rd 2016


The Debate – State sponsored terrorism is the real enemy

By Jim W. Dean The Debate – with Jim W. Dean from VT,  and Prof. Nabil Mikheil, George Washington University The Debate – Syria Nightmare CENTCOM’s...

Salah al-Din District of Aleppo – March 13th 2016


Saudi airstrike hits the public market in Yemen | March 15th 2016

https://youtu.be/Seb4ky4pkX4 https://youtu.be/CdkteZhRDYU  

MLRS Strike Viewed from a Drone

  Syrian army targeting the strategic city of Sirmaniyah near the Latakia/Idlib border