Suppressing Crop Circles in Wiltshire England 2017 – Patty Greer Crop Circle Series – Vlog #8

This is a 2017 update on the peaking suppression that has been growing in the epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon, Wiltshire England. For decades researchers came in from around the world to study the crop circles in Wiltshire because there were so many Crop Circles to choose from every summer. It was every adventurers’ greatest dream!

In the last few years unfortunately everything has changed and the military has made quite a presence there. Chasing plasma balls of light with their helicopters is a normal occurrence. They can’t stop the phenomenon, control it, or explain it! So now it appears there is an overall effort of suppression almost everywhere in Wiltshire.

Award-winning UFO filmmaker Patty Greer shares her perception of the antics destroying the Crop Circle phenomena in England. The research center is closed, the stores are no longer interested in crop circle materials, and the farmers have been told to call the police when Crops Circles appear on their land! They’ve also been told to report the license plates of any photographers or drone pilots filming on their property. Although humans are acting very small minded over there, the Circlemakers continue delivering Crop Circles!

If you are interested in knowing the truth about this amazing phenomenon – please check out Patty Greer’s award winning Crop Circles movies today!

Final 2017 UK Crop Circle Message = Broken Communication

Final 2017 UK Crop Circle Message = Broken Communication – Patty Greer Vlog #6 on Crop Circles On August 17, 2017 there was a final UK summer Crop Circle sighting at Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Award winning Crop Circle filmmaker Patty Greer offers her perception on what this Crop Circle message means to her. Greer sees a telecommunication tower with a broken mangled support leg = broken communication. When you look at the photo of the Crop Circle it makes sense. This area of southern England receives more Crop Circles than anywhere else on earth. A lot can be learned in this brief video from Patty Greer.

Photos of the Crop Circle from the Crop Circle Connector…