by Cate Phillips,
Guest writer,

We manage most aspects of our lives with detailed precision. We eat the right foods, we exercise our bodies, we take care of our property and our relationships, but how much do you do to maintain your own Energy Body? Since everything is energy and we at are most finite level are also pure energy, it only makes sense to have a process in place to maintain this most precious aspect of yourself.

We have all heard the saying “You get what you give”, but what if what you give energetically is not in your conscious awareness? Source gives a never ending supply of Love, light, and a multitude of High Vibrational Energies to all of us, not just some of us, so we all have the same opportunities to receive, in theory, but do we?

Well, not really. No, we aren’t all receiving, accepting, and allowing all of the energies available to us, and that we are freely being given moment by moment, but the reason is not our fault. The reason we aren’t taking it all in and therefore giving it out, is because we have subconscious blocks, barriers, beliefs, thought forms, programs, and energies that keep us from being open enough to take it all in. 95% of our mind is subconscious.

So if you really take in the full magnitude of what that means, is that 95% of what you think, feel, and believe you aren’t even aware of. That’s huge!

Since we are each a unique and divine tapestry of energies and experiences, we each vary with the amount of Source Energy we allow ourselves. However, again, whether we are allowing or not allowing is based on our own Subconscious Gatekeepers.  Obviously if you were in conscious control of this then you would only have beautiful thoughts and therefore beautiful experiences.

Even though this is true, that most of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are subconscious in nature, we do have the power to change this.  We do have the power to open ourselves us to the full magnitude of our divine birthright, and to allow ourselves to receive as we have never been open to enough before. This is what the awakening process or ascension process is showing us. You won’t be thrust into the New Earth by a planetary energy shift alone though, you are being asked to create the New Earth personally for yourself “Energetically” each step of the way.

It is through managing our Energy Bodies, our Emotional Body, our Mental Body, our Spiritual Heart, our Chakra’s, our Spirit, our Soul, and all various layers of our Psyche and our Consciousness and even our Sub-consciousness, that we can remove the blocks, brick by energetic brick. This skill is called Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, or Energy Management. There is much information available for those that feel a magnetic pull to learn this valuable life-altering skill.

We can let the light in. Once we let it in, then our natural tendency is to let it flow out. So step number one is to let it in, step two flow it out in a release of Love and High Vibrational Energy, and step three is let the Universe reflect back to you all of the good that you have released.  Remember the Universe is your mirror, so what you send out you get back, or as most of us know this process as “The Law of Attraction”. The problem is most of us are only releasing a trickle of energy that we could be releasing, because we aren’t capable of taking more in due to our very own unique and personal Subconscious Gatekeepers.

Wherever you are in this process you will know, because life is always mirroring back to you what you are putting out. Is life being stingy with you? Then know that this is because your flow of abundance energy is severely lacking, it can be no other way. So just know that if it’s in your life and you are experiencing it, then there is a very real energetic reason why.

Start researching Energy Clearing and learn some techniques, if you don’t feel a desire to do it yourself, that is ok, there are many skilled practitioners who would love to assist you. Just as we aren’t all meant to be Parents, Physicians, or NFL players, we aren’t all meant to be Energy Healers either.  So even though this might not be a skill you personally want to learn, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to benefit from it. Clearing subconscious energy blocks is like finally letting the Sun in, when you have always lived with a dark heavy cloud covering…. it’s beyond Magnificent and Life Altering!

About the author: Cate Phillips is an Energy Healer/Intuitive, teacher, and the Creator of the Soul Connection Method, a Revolutionary Healing Modality, that works like a laser to find and release/ clear unbeneficial programs, patterns, emotional triggers, low vibrational energies, unbeneficial beliefs, messages, and intentions held deeply within the Heart, Mind, Subconscious Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, Energy Field, Inner Child, and all levels of Beingness, which prevent us from living a life we truly desire. Contact her for a personal Healing Session at [email protected]



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