In Sydney, Australia, difficult to identify small towers (apparently cell towers) with spherical tops have been popping up recently. When one of these pops up in the neighborhood, people in the area aren’t really told about it.

We took pictures of them. They were located in parks, along roads, and directly behind people’s houses.

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Finding out what these towers are and exactly what frequencies they actively release and can potentially release is essential to ensuring the basic health and safety of a community.

We haven’t identified what these are, but if you have any information please leave it in the comments below.

However, we can expand our understanding of what cell towers really are: in this article we will examine who builds towers and is in control of them, and who has a stake in their creation.

In the US and many countries, governments are colluding with telecommunication corporations to build cell towers and infrastructure.

In the US, an agency supposed to be regulating them, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is deeply in bed with the related telecommunications corporations (as the FDA is in with big pharma).

towers - FCC

(Image credit: EMR Aware)

The Australian mirror image of the FCC is a government agency called the Department of Communication and the Arts. It is engaged in a program with the corporation Telstra to construct towers and “improve mobile coverage.”

According to a statement on the Australian Department of Communication and the Arts website:

“The Australian Government has committed $220 million to the Mobile Black Spot Program to invest in telecommunications infrastructure to improve mobile coverage along major regional transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to natural disasters.”

We must ask: why do governments take interest in developing this kind of infrastructure? Could they use the towers they place for warfare, for profit, for control, or for a benevolent campaign to make sure everyone can have cell phone signal?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considered a suspect agency that may be turned on dissidents or people who don’t comply with government in the United States. As suspect as they are, last year AT&T and the DHS struck a contract. An article from Era of Wisdom is titled “DHS and AT&T Collude With 39 Million Dollar Contract For “Emergency Communications”.”

A smaller type of cell tower being used all over the world in the past several years is suspect in the eyes of many people.

These are covering Australia as they cover the United States. Schools are being paid to place them on rooftops at the expense of children’s health, and many are asking what they are:


These are mistakenly called “GWEN Towers,” giving skeptics of EMF danger easy ammo.

“GWEN” Towers were apparently abandoned by the US military, but it could be more complex than it appears. According to Wikipedia: “The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) was a command and control communications system intended for use by the United States government to facilitate military communications before, during and after a nuclear war.”

“GWEN” Towers looked like this.

tower- gwen

(Image credit: Wiki)

The alleged GWEN towers are indeed cell towers used by telecommunication giants such as AT&T and Verizon in the US, and in Australia, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are among corporations that build and use them.

Other entities that few know of construct the towers. In the US, corporations such as American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications build them.

The health effects of cell towers, cell phones in general, WiFi, and all of the related technology is extensively talked about by people who are more sensitive to the frequencies. Some people experience serious symptoms from them, and others experience few symptoms but may end up with something like brain cancer. A little bit of research can yield plenty of info on the topic.

This video from Take Back Your Power is a great starting point when it comes to learning about EMF danger (and 5G).

People call “Stingray” surveillance devices that are abused by law enforcement “fake cell towers.” This seems misleading because a Stingray looks like this. Fake cell towers may exist, but a Stingray is not a tower.

tower - stingray

(Image credit: Sacramento Bee)

The now prevalent cell towers may not be technically called “GWEN Towers,” but it’s not crazy to think the government would weaponize cell towers and blast us with frequencies.

You’d have to neglect the entire history of mad science and the military industrial complex to find that an improbable scenario. Take into consideration how deeply in bed with government corporations like AT&T, GE, and others are.

Read the book “IBM and the Holocaust: Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation” for free here  and you’ll start to understand the dynamic.

This concept of weaponized cell towers blasting a population with frequencies that harm or even kill can only be improbable if we actively pay attention to towers that are installed around us, and learn exactly what their frequency range and potential is, to determine if it’s possible that they are weaponized or not.

And another thing: 5G technology is coming, and it’s being heavily pushed by the FCC. It’s about using a greater number of smaller cell towers that use “experimental” frequencies (probably closer to our heads if they are smaller). Well summarized by Waking Times:

“The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is pushing to streamline the approval of 5G cell towers, overriding the little regulation that exists to legalize use of experimental high frequencies without extensive safety testing. Untested frequencies in the range of 28 gigahertz to 100 Ghz or more are set to be deployed all around us without our consent, emanating from an even greater number of new, smaller cell towers.

“To make this work, the 5G buildout is going to be very infrastructure intensive, requiring massive deployment of small cells.” ~Tom Wheeler, Former FCC Chairman and corporate lobbyist

Some are talking about using even higher frequencies, in the terahertz range, much higher than previous networks.”

It was not easy to research the info for this article: it was exceptionally difficult to research compared to most topics. If it’s this difficult to research and find out what cell towers are, it can’t possibly be good.