Strange Biblical Prophecy Announces the End of the World And an Alien Invasion

by Ivan

According to an evangelical theologian, the apocalypse is coming and the end of the world will around 2021, and our civilization is on the brink of being annihilated.

The recently deceased evangelical theologian Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, president of the “World Bible Society” claimed that, according to a series of messages hidden deep within the Bible, the end of the world would take place before the year 2021 and would include a violent extraterrestrial invasion.

The World Bible Society is convinced that not only will the apocalypse occur very soon, but Jesus will return to Earth soon after. According to the World Bible Society the world will end on or before the year 2021, and Jesus will return to Earth in 2028 after the apocalypse.

Beshore based his curious apocalyptic predictions on various verses of the Bible that predict the coming of strong voices and lights from the heavens announcing the second arrival of Jesus Christ to Earth.

The theologian, in addition, liked to warn during his sermons, that before the arrival of Christ a series of catastrophes would happen on the planet that would include the rise of the Antichrist to power and numerous signs in the sun, moon and stars would generate panic among the world population.
In his book When: When Will the Rapture Take Place?, the theologian writes: “The parable of the fig tree is a prophecy of the rebirth of the nation of Israel.”

He explains: “The Greek phrase ‘panta tauta’ that is translated ‘all these things’ refers to the beginning of birth pains (Matthew 24:8).”

“Jesus was saying, in effect, that when you see the birth pains – World War I and II and famines, pestilences and earthquakes – you will know that His return is drawing near. The Greek word genea is translated ‘generation.’”

“It literally means ‘born one.’ Jesus said this ‘born one’ (nation of Israel) will be in existence when He returns.”

Dr. Beshore explained: “Seven major signs have already been fulfilled, five major signs are currently being fulfilled, and 15 more major signs are yet to be fulfilled.

“Those who are watching are the Lord’s obedient servants. The Lord Jesus commanded us to watch for his return.”

However, skeptics and many others believe that nothing will happen by 2021 and none of the above should be taken seriously. Even the followers of Beshore have begun doubting the prophecies since the man claimed that these apocalyptic manifestations would begin in 2018, and –surprisingly– nothing has happened so far.

Curiously, the world has been predicted to end countless times. In previous articles, I’ve written about all the doomsday prophecies that have been recorded around the world since the first century CE.

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