Strange Ancient Pyramid in Cambodia – What is INSIDE? Baksei Chamkrong Temple – Praveen Mohan

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a very strange place called Baksei Chamkrong in the Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia. This is a very strange site because this is the only stepped pyramid in this temple complex. As you can see this is desolated, this is not a popular site but this is a perfect stepped pyramid and is one of the oldest construction sites in Cambodia. In fact there are inscriptions that actually take this back much much earlier in time.
Who built this and why? Archeologists and historians claim that this was built by a king called Rajendravarman and he spoke Tamil and Sanskrit. But there are inscriptions where he takes the entire Khmer dynasty to mythical times, more than many thousand years ago.
This is a very interesting pyramid, and to understand it fully, we need to look at the aerial view. When we look at the drone footage, it is obvious that it was built with a specific pattern in mind. A specific frequency pattern. Remember, frequencies create patterns that can be understood visually. This is precisely what the ancient builders have done here, otherwise, such a design is not necessary. In the center, there is a circle, and this a small square around it, and a bigger square around the smaller square, and 2 more squares bigger and bigger around them. Also, the staircase on all four sides, makes it look like a 4 bladed fan or a turbine or a windmill or something like that, which can generate energy. I mean look at it, this is not a coincidence, that it is looking like this. It was designed specifically to look like this from the top, as though someone would be watching for these patterns from the sky.
It is amazing to see a stepped pyramid in this Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Why was this stepped pyramid built here, there are no other stepped pyramids in this complex. And why is it so similar to the stepped pyramid in Mesoamerica. Is there a connection or, is this a mere coincidence? Now, I have already shown you another stepped pyramid in Sri Lanka called Sathmahal Prasada. That pyramid also looks very similar to this. Were all these different stepped pyramids in various places built by completely separate civilizations? Or were they all built by the same ancient builders? Let’s go up and find out more information.