Solar Warden: Part of The Secret Space Program

Solar Warden is a hyperspace-faring race of human beings who utilize cloning and holographic genetic recording/storage in order to protect their race and protect the Earth in this current situation where there are more than one factions using this technology.

They are unable to inform the human public because they are in a similar ‘mexican standoff’ situation that we are mostly all in.

If they show themselves to the public, the public will be shocked. If they public does not know this situation, that there are multiple factions fighting for control over humanity, then they will not know who to trust.

In that situation, the ‘other factions’ will surely show themselves in an attempt to trick and gather as much human genetic material as possible.

The only way forward to the future is to share the truth about Solar Warden, the space-faring fleet of humans who do no contains the mental and physical illnesses that are currently tearing our planet in two.

I believe Solar Warden saved my life as a child during more than one event where I would’ve been entirely maimed/paralyzed or simply dead on the spot as a result of other faction interference.

All Operatives Are Chipped.

All operatives are chipped and cloned for monitoring and a variety of other purposes and resulting capabilities.

When a cloned operative is sent on a mission, there is no liability of losing that individual. If the body is destroyed, that individual will return to the ship without delay and there will be no casualty.

It is imperative that people are aware of it.

I was in the bases as a child and was trained as an operative for MiLabs a secret division of human space-military. The military has been preparing for the future by testing for various flaws and potential uses of cloning and genetic engineering.

Cloning, Cerebrally Enhanced Soldiers and Underground bases.

These included experiments, condition, trauma-based mind control, enhancement, memory suppression and operations that cover a span of space and time.

The NAZI faction has used cloning and genetic engineering to create hybrids, soldiers and everything in between. Religious/spiritual icons, to slaves, to leaders and even robotoids of sorts.

Cloning, Atmospheric Civilizations, Genetic Stability.

Here is something that most people might not have contemplated yet is possibly one of the most important factors at play here.

The vehicles that house the breakaway Human society are entirely environmentally controlled. This means that the air and surfaces are clean of all the viruses, bacteria, or pathogens that are numerous on the surface of the Earth.

This creates a specific difficulty in the situation. Any contact between surface Humanity is so heavily and carefully controlled that regulations go beyond any situations we have present on Earth. If the safety and cleanliness of any of the society’s vehicles were compromised this would endanger everyone “on board”.

So this explains a very precarious and specific situation we currently face and this is not so different than “first-world” nations contacting indigenous tribes and similarly endangering their society. Everything that happens will be according to a carefully controlled plan.

Ancient War.


Training, Simulations and Learning.

Part of what went on in the underground base experiments were to design “tests” or “labyrinths” with various people, props, traps, and treacherous situations that were to be navigated and escaped from.

Feedback loops with the brain, consciousness, and environment can create a very complex and integrated learning experience that is customized to each individual learner.

What this would do is create an individual that was capable of learning faster and faster and processing information in a more efficient manner.

This is not the same as specifically trauma-generating situations.

Ancient Knowledge and Technology.



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