So You Thought You Were Free? We Are At The Ending Where Now, Everyone Can See The Deception Of Our Rulers – Sean Stone

Sean Stone drops some #truthbombs for those who thought they were living in a ‘free country’. In this Memorial Day video, he reminds us of the movie #TheyLive… We are at the ending where now, everyone can see the deception of our rulers. But what do we do with this new knowledge? We don’t turn to hate, but love, recognizing our oneness as cosmic humans…

Sean Stone has previously hosted Buzzsaw for Gaia TV, and Watching the Hawks for RT.
Stone is the author of Desiderata by Ali (now on Audible on Amazon) and New World Order (available on Amazon) . He has directed the paranormal horror film Greystone Park, the award-winning short film Singularity, and Anaarkali.
He is the co-writer and star of Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece, now available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

His documentaries include… Fight Against Time: Oliver Stone’s Alexander —

They Live – Full Movie (1988)