Serpent Mound is a 1,370 ft long effigy mound in Adam’s County, Ohio. Megalithomaniac Hugh Newman visited here a few years ago and was shown around by author Ross Hamilton and researcher Jeffrey Wilson. Jeff discussed other ‘serpent mounds’ in the US and they examined a standing stone that had been pushed down a bluff, but could have been part of the main complex suggesting a use of megaliths by the mound building culture. Jeffrey Wilson has been analysing LIDAR surveys of the Ohio landscape and it has helped him discover many secrets invisible to satellite photography. Most notably, were the ‘plumes’ or feathers that are on either side of the Serpent’s neck (LIDAR is a remote sensing technology). Ross, who has written extensively about Serpent Mound also discusses some strange energy fluctuations that were recorded by researcher Tor Webster.

Serpent Mound sits on the edge of a meteor impact crater that is 4.5 km across and has powerful magnetic and gravitational anomalies contributing to it, going deep into the earth, even as far as the mantle. These anomalies cause all sorts of weather fluctuations and earth energy effects in the form of earth lights. For a long time conventional archaeology dated Serpent Mound to the Late Woodland period of 1,070 AD, but recent radiocarbon analysis has put it at around 321 BC4 (one year after the death of Aristotle). This puts it in the realm of the Adena who were present in the area at this time. Adena skeletons have also been discovered there that were 7 feet tall.

Filmed, Produced, and Directed by Hugh Newman. Copyright Hugh Newman/Megalithomania 2015/2017. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Jeff Wilson, Ross Hamilton and all the Serpent Mound crew.


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