Laura Eisenhower exposes cases of SRA from the victims stand point and how MK Ultra MindControl actually works.

We also discuss what is happening today with the main stream media and why they are now working against the people and how they are attacking people’s beliefs.

Mrs. Eisenhower also mentions the names of the guilty parties involved and many would be shocked to find how Hollywood is related.

But be warned, this series may not be for the faint of heart.
So if you’re ready to go dark and deep with us, here’s part 2 of Satanic Ritual Abuse on the Edge of Wonder!

In part one we talked with Occult expert Justin Deschamps about what SRA is, what it does to people, and how it’s spread outside of the #13_family_bloodlines.

Occult Expert Breaks Down the Science of MIND CONTROL Methodology, Satanic Ritual Abuse Part 1

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CIA Sex Slave Whistleblower – Project Monarch Exposed – Dark Journalist w/ Cathy O’Brien