Sacred Geometry in Neolithic Orkney | Origins of Metrology and Geometry at the Knap of Howar – Hugh Newman (MegalithomaniaUK)

Join Megalithomania and guest host Nicholas Cope on the ‘Megalithic Origins of Orkney Tour’ August 15th – 22nd 2020:…. In this video Hugh Newman explores the 5,700 year old Knap of Howar on Papa Westray, Orkney. It consists of two stone ‘houses’ similar to the later Skara Brae, and showS sophisticated geometry, encodeS the megalithic yard and the golden section, and may be where many of the ideas for the megalithic stone circle building culture originated. Featuring the work of author Nicholas Cope who wrote ‘The Knap of Howar and the Origins of Geometry’, the video explores the site thoroughly and includes exclusive aerial footage. Also, the flight here from mainland Orkney is the world’s shortest flight (that we include on the tour in August!)

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