Royal’s Epstein Problem and Fake Impeachments – Prepare For Change w/ Benjamin Fulford

In this episode recorded on the 21th November (Date announced 20th due to just passing over international date line), we talk about the shambles of an impeachment process and in fact there are some indicators, not all is what it seems. Discussing further the Gnostic Illuminati and how they’re opposed to the bloodline rule and evils they indulge. Benjamin highlights that there is a group of 737 people that run over 80% of the major companies and these are the ones that are being targeted. These people literally are fighting for their lives, as once humanity becomes aware of the truth there will be nowhere to turn! The east and the west are continuing high-level negotiations with the pope currently in Asia. Commonwealth countries are now signing up to the AIIB, against the wishes of USA & Japan. We briefly touch on BRICS and a new initiative happening in the USA called the Blue Dot. We also discuss matters surround Epstein, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile. Finally, Israel is being surrounded and they are being forced into a position of submission and negotiation.

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