In my countless electronic harassment experiences some of them relate to technological rigging of pro sports. To put it bluntly; I have personally witnessed directed energy weapons rig pro sports.

At the beginning of my electronic harassment targeting I was being tortured in all sorts of unique and improbable ways. Basically through many experiences it has been revealed to me control of Pro Sports via remote influencing technologies is a modern day reality…

During my initiation and induction into a secret society in which I planned to sabotage, I was shown Super Bowl results can be known years in advance. Pittsburgh’s tippy toe catch to win Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 was predicted to me down to the play that won the game in late 2007 by the sources that would later target me with the same technologies…

MKULTRA Mind Control Rigging of Pro Sports Methods:
• Carried out by Directed Energy Weapons + Black Project Artificial Intelligence
• Space Age Directed Energy Weapon Guidance Systems
Remote Neural Monitoring (Remote Computerized Tracking of Brainwaves)
Electromagnetic Mind Control at the Speed of Light
• Precise Body Control Technology

Reasons to Rig Pro Sports:
• Perfectly Timed Distractions with a Great Engineered Story (IE: The “Patriots” Winning the Super Bowl after 9-11)
• Societal Engineering (Control the Money+)
• Money Laundering Operations Through Betting
• Perks for Black Ops Agents (Betting, Entertainment of Choosing Who Wins)
• Good Initiation to the Power of the Secret Society (“We Control the World.”)
• The Rulers of the World are Control Freaks (Why wouldn’t they do this if they could)

I have witnessed:
• Technological Rigging of MLB
• Technological Rigging of NFL
• Technological Rigging of NCAA College Football
• Accurate Predictions via v2k of Injuries before they happen
• Accurate Predictions of Who will Win the Super Bowl
• Accurate Predictions of Who will be in the World Series

In my grueling epoch of technological experiences in the last 8+ years I have also experienced my body controlled precisely while playing basketball, baseball, and many other physical tasks. I have witnessed enough in a comprehensive manner to know that pro sports are controlled with mkultra mind control programs utilizing directed energy weapons and space age guidance systems…