01-duality of insanity

Survival of the Species

It has been stated on numerous occasions that the principal driving force for human achievement is working for the reward of monetary gain. The argument is a fallacy and isn’t true. Even most communist countries use various forms of capitalist systems in their economic frame sets, and yet we have only a portion of people achieving a ‘better life.’

Time and time again we’ve heard the argument, “without money there is no motivation or incentive to push humanity forward.” Money being a motivator for human participation, for human achievement is flawed. The prime motivating factor of humanity is the survival of our species. It is inherent, it is in our genetic code, and it is in our very core ideology that we must try our damnedest to survive by nearly any means necessary. Our ancient ancestors constantly invented new ways of surviving, new tools for hunting without being motivated by money. They had a drive to survive in the harshest environments, and they prevailed because of their achievements, not because they got paid for hunting and gathering. The most incredible inventions in human history were not driven by greed, but by survival and war. The considerations behind creating one of the most destructive forces on the planet, the atomic bomb was to “end World War II more swiftly.” The end result of using ‘the bomb’ was two destroyed Japanese cities, hundreds of thousands of people dead and an arms race between the east and west which resulted in humanity reaching for the stars.

Money is actually repressing humanity, inhibiting exploration, inhibiting the insurance of the survival of our species. We have a surplus of food; many poor people could easily be fed but are neglected because “they don’t have the right to eat because they didn’t earn it.” It’s an enslaved mindset.

From the point of time when humanity started to walk upright, our survival has instinctively been territorial. We’ve created borders, territories, and countries to insure various methods of segregationist survival. Even though humans are social creatures, who need love and affection, we still attune ourselves to our primal nature of territorial ownership. With all of humanity’s great technological achievements, we need to stop thinking that survival of our species is only earth bound, since technically we are all currently stuck on this rock called earth. We, as a species need to move off planet to insure our survival since we have the technological means to do so. We are coded for survival; we are coded to explore our surroundings. To stay stationary on a rock which may eventually endure an extinction level event for humanity when we have the technological means to prevent our extinction goes against everything in our fiber of being.

Resource Based Economy, a Holistic Approach to Humanities Survival

A Resource Based Economy (RBE) is an economy that runs off of the current finite resources in our surroundings to insure human sustainability that has no use of money, no use of barter or trade. Part of the structuring of a RBE would be to insure humanity has developed awareness and consciousness that we are all one family and that we are all equal no matter what race, culture or religion we are. Technology and science are used to their fullest measure to develop and manage the planets resources to provide abundance for everyone without stripping the planet bare. In a RBE there is no state or government entity that owns earth’s resources, all resources are distributed and shared on a planetary level.

Some RBE advocates have suggested the need to rebuild new cities completely from the ground up, but that would be a blatant misuse of resources. We already have cities that we occupy; people have homes that they are attached to. It would take fewer resources to adapt already existing cities to fit the needs of the people.

We must first recognize that we live on a planet with finite resources, and we will eventually run the risk of having a resource shortfall, especially with the population explosions predicted for the near future. If there is a resource shortfall it would be detrimental to our species as a whole. We must eventually move away from extracting resources such as ore and minerals from earth, and utilize our technology to acquire the mass amounts of infinite resources that can be attained only in outer space. Setting up off world colonies, having robotic harvesters in the asteroid belt, mining missions to ‘dead’ planets and even instituting food production off world would greatly improve humanity’s chances at survival.

Currently, humanity is in despair. We have abundance shortfalls because corporations and governments rely on outdated systems that are thousands of years old. Poverty, homelessness and starvation only exist because we allow them to exist. Degradation of human life only exists because we allow it to exist.

Eventually, humanity will come to a point (and we’re close to that point) where it will have to make a decision. Insure the survival of our species and accept that we are a global community or continue down the path of greed and selfishness, initiating an ultimate slow decay and extinction of the human race.

Automation is on the rise, and it will continue to become more prevalent. As unemployment rises because of automated servants, workers and artificial intelligence taking over human labor and thinking, how will our future progeny pay bills under the current economic model? Understand that Moore’s Law is in effect; computing power tends to double itself every two years. Eventually, computers, machines, robots and Artificial Intelligence’s will be in every occupation. They will learn to fix themselves, they will learn to troubleshoot and do anything a human would be able to do in any situation eventually. What then? We need a new economic model that would be symbiotic with our technology; the current capitalist economic model would only create a complete dystopian atmosphere for nearly every human on the planet. Why not embrace an economic model that would allow all humans who wished to participate in it (voluntarily) to flourish?

The only holistic approach that can be identified right now that would secure humanities future would be to embrace a RBE. Continuing on our careless capitalist corptocracy will insure that humanity eventually becomes a forgotten remnant of the universe we occupy. No one enjoys belonging to a scarcity based economic system, unless they’re at the top of the food chain.

Scarcity is an illusion.