Reptilian Invasion : The Last Phase of the New World Order | Mind Control | Consciousness Cannot Be Controlled

Bloodthirsty reptile aliens first came into the world in ancient times according to the theory of the Lizards. Since then, these entities have fused with people by DNA manipulation and intersecting with people. The purpose of this project was to acquire world domination by gaining positions of influence and power: royalty, leaders, entertainers, etc. About 4% of Americans believe in the theory of Lizards, one of David Icke’s most prominent theores. In some books, Icke has written proof and supplementary clarification.

[Narrated by Soma Song ] Check out his channel…

9/11: The Political Side – David Icke

This is What Malevolent ETs Are Doing to Humans

D.U.M.B’s, Dulce, Alien Agenda, Element 140, Valiant Thor – Phil Schneider


Who Rules the World? Draconians Bloodline Infiltration of Lemuria & Atlantis – Cosmic Empress

Adam & Eve were Genetically Engineered by Elohim = God(s) Plural, Bible Vatican Translator – Mauro Biglino | re-post

Anunnaki Origins, Sumerians, Bible Hoax, Yahweh Genocide, Elohim, Nephilim, GMOs – Leak Project & Gerald Clark w/ Mauro Biglino


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