Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, Born Inside The Matrix, Awakening – OYM w/ Gerald O’Donnell

Gerald is the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI), and a world-renowned Remote Viewer who was employed for several years by a Western intelligence agency. Since 1997, Gerald has dedicated his life to guiding his students in harnessing the highest levels of creative energy so that they can rapidly manifest their innermost desires. His healing and empowering meditations have helped thousands of seekers turn their thoughts into reality and begin their transformative journey towards Oneness.
Back in the 1980s, Gerald was recruited by a Western European intelligence agency to join their ongoing program of Remote Viewing (sensing) of targeted locations, Source Creator, We Are Here To Help The Creator Learn About Himself And To Find Our Way Back To Him, Born Inside The Matrix And Through Life We Have To Wake Up and Realise Who And What We Are, We All Have Abilities That We Are Not Aware Of.