“Radiation Omnicide” Alfred Webre w/ Leuren Moret

⚛ ⚛ ⚛ Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ | Radiation Omnicide | Castro Plays Religions | | War on Terrorists | Putin, Red Sea, Middle East | | UC Monsanto, Katehi, Vietnam |
Leuren Moret BS, MA, PhD and Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

An Interview on, The Geopolitics of Terrorism, International Adjustments to the NWO’s Plans, and Preserving a World of International Balance and Respect between all Nations

Recorded March 3, 2016 | Published August 11, 2016

A Brief Outline:

• Bob Nichols, YRTW
• “Your Radiation This Week”
• By Award Winning Columnist Bob Nichols, a careful and scientific compilation of the Radiation American Citizens are subjected to in in a selection of cities registering over 1000 Counts Per Minute, a total that is THREE and One Third times the present mandatory evacuation level for a Nuclear Disaster in the United States of America.
• How and where to access RadNET
• What is a Becquerel anyway?
• Mandatory Evacuation Anyone?
• Nuclear Industry War Crimes
• ”Hidden Genocide: Environmental Racism in the Nuclear Age,” by Dr. Ernest Sternglass
http://leurenmoret.info/waves/hidden-… • “Chernobyl, Zaporozhye, Blackmail”
• Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch Los Angeles, Massive Radioactive Methane Pluming in Hollywood Babylon
• Wally Broeker’s (discoverer’s) Map of the Great Conveyor Belt; Ocean Currents Exchange Flow Pattern, “The Thermohaline Circulation”
• Fukushima Update, Fukushima’s Ongoing Impacts
• D.I.M.E. Alloyed Death Metal
• “Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War”
• by LEUREN MORET / World Affairs – The Journal of International Issues 1jul04
• Free Radicals Disease Roster, Their Place in the Causal Chain
• Nanotube Radio, DNA and TransHumanism
• Leuren Moret interviewed in Washington, D.C., on, “Parker’s Pathways,” with Dr. Winn Parker
• Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab, Kitchen Transhumanism with DNA
• Katehi / OCCUPY
• University of California, URBAN SHIELD
• ARAMCO OIL PATCH aka the Gulf Oil States
• Soros, Eurasia, MENA and the Color Revolutions
• Katehi’s Antenna Patents, 5G and beyond, DarkNet, and R.F.D.E. (Radio Frequency Directed Energy)
• IdIOT© Identity and the, “Internet of Things,”
• “The Center for New Vietnam Studies,” Hamamoto and Valverde
• UC Davis’ smash’n’grab of Professor Darryl Hamamoto’s Center for Vietnam Studies Project
• Satanism and the American Educational System
• PSYCHOCIVILIZATION: Delgado, Mind Control | “RFDE-HAARP-NLP” | Transhumanism
• Leuren Moret and Laurens Battis interviewed by Alfred Webre
• Darryl’s ‘Encounter’ at Seasons . . .
• Panetta/Clinton, MENA/Calabria, Katehi/Napolitano
• Katehi’s ‘Scrub’, Moonlighting, Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest, Headlines and other Scandals
• Castroland, California; Titles, Land-Grants, Ranchos and Deep History
• What Really Happened at the, “World Peace Conference,” Hamburg 2003
• University of California recipe for, “GroupThink”
• Soka Gakkai, Nichiren Buddhism, Institutional Impersonation, NWO Subterfuge for the Jesuit’s ‘One World Religion’
• Land Grant and other Public Universities Place in the Destruction of Constitutional America
• NWO Assaults on, “One Road,” the, “21st Century Silk Road”
• 21st Century Silk Road
• Stable Oil Trade
• “Pivot to Asia,” Progress Report
• MH370: The Follow-Up
• Stabilizing the ‘Greater Red Sea’
• Remember Ukraine? The War’s Back On
• US Applied Terrorism, Attacking Russia’s Western Doorstep
• US Applied Terrorism, Attacking Russia’s Underbelly
• Using the BIOMAT to refresh and repair the body’s Infrared systems
• . . . and much, Much MORE