Quantum Entanglement : Matrix, AI & Inorganic Beings, Alt-Media Wars, Twitter Bots – Alexandra Meadors w/ Laura Legere

In this video, Alexandra Meadors and Laura Legere discuss the recent eruption of “alt-media wars” and the need to stay neutral and detached when circumstances trigger and provoke. Alexandra paints the context to keep you elevated about the quantum entanglement that manifests in these conflicts. It is important to realize these are playing out ancient time loops that go back many lifetimes and many millennia. As we get closer to liberation and ascension, we are assisting Sophia with her own ascent. But it remains necessary to steer clear of the continued (if weakened) influence of AI, inorganic beings, and negatively-oriented content in the news and on social media. Especially in the conflicts over “Q” and elsewhere in the alt-media, we should keep our eye on the Big Picture. Rather than assume one side is right and the other is wrong, it is important to keep in mind that disinfo and truth will often be mixed, no matter who is speaking.