Psychic Phenomena and Reincarnation : Part 1 – Edgar Cayce (Ancient Astronaut Archive)

Some of our viewers may not be familiar with Edgar Cayce and may be wondering why he would be of interest to the Archive. Well, Cayce conducted 1000’s of readings that were related to ancient History, including ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria. The wealth of material provided by Cayce is such that the Archive has decided to produce a 3-part series on him. In this presentation we will get to know the man and his method. In part 2 we will review his readings on ancient Egypt, Atlantis, the Akashic records, and the connection with the Anunnaki. In part 3 we will take a look at many of his other readings including his views on healing, meditation and even Jesus. We hope you come along for the ride and learn something new!

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.
Association for Research and Enlightenment


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