Psychedelics, Meditation and The Power Of Nonhuman Language

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Before I go into this article, I just wanted you to know that this is a personal account of a few of my experiences over the years. I try not to centre articles solely around myself, but in this case it is my experience that I am sharing and some of the conclusion I have drawn based on what I feel the experiences represent. I hope my experiences can help you in some way and that maybe some will be able to relate in some way.

I just want you to know I am not promoting the use of psychedelics or the entering of any deep spiritual practice for that matter, like any decision you decide to make it should be based on what you think is right for you. The truth is- any profound spiritual experience can shake you to your core if you are not ready for it! Make sure you want to enter a world before you do so, as some things, once seen cannot be unseen and this can cause issues for many people. Be responsible and do your research before making any life changing decisions!

With that being said one of the most profound experiences of my life happened while I was on a psilocybin (magic mushroom) trip. There was a moment when temporarily I was unified with everything, fear did not exist, I was everything and everything was me. This experience could well of gone on for hours or minutes, I really have no idea, the concept of time disappeared! I did not think any words during this moment, it was just purity, not good, not bad, just what it was! It was pure unconditional love! But not love like you would have for a child or a partner or a friend, it was a very subtle love which radiated from my core outwards and held no conditions.

The most profound experience I have had was during a DMT trip in which I had the same profound experience as described above, but there was also no concept of movement and space. No up, down, left or right. Afterwards I had this sense of knowing, but not a literary or intellectual knowing, but more of a spiritual knowing. As if something had been communicated to me at a higher level.

I have also had a lot of profound experiences during meditation, but one stood out as the pinnacle of spiritual experience, and this was similar in some ways to that of the psychedelic experience. Time stood still, I have no idea how long I was in this state for, I was in a state of unity and the colors were immense!

There have been many more experiences I have personally experienced but what stood out about these 3 in particular was the lack of processing on a conscious level. Meaning there was no mind or thought during these experiences, just visuals, silence and what felt like a different type of communication. However all 3 signified big times of change in my life.

In chronological order the meditation experience happened first and signified the first time that I felt I was fully immersed in another world. As a result of this I became hugely open minded, I felt a shift in the way I viewed things. Before this happened I had my beliefs and non beliefs, after I started to believe that anything was possible and shifted my thoughts towards more of a scale of probability in a given situation. Shifting from- Do pigs fly? No. To- Do pigs fly? Probably not, however taking into account xyz, pig flying could well be a possibility, even if just a small one.

This on the surface may not seem too useful, however it has really helped with problem solving and the ability to remove barriers and dream up big goals.

Secondly was the psilocybin (mushroom) experience, this opened me up to the world of synchronicity. There is more on synchronicity here if you would like to read about it, but in a nutshell everything I do in my life as of this moment is bound together by synchronicity and intuition. It was after this experience that I really started to trust my intuition and the higher guidance I am receiving. This has lead me to the most magical places, people and experiences that I could ever dreamed of.

Lastly the DMT trip helped me to face some fears I had in my life and forge a new relationship with fear. I now have an understanding that fear is part of the process and quite healthy to feel in many circumstances that you are supposed to proceed with regardless. This last experience pushed me more towards the feeling of the fear and doing it anyway. Also coming to terms with irrational fears, such as the fear of spiders, and while this fear is not non existent in me, I can now pick up some spiders and feel like I am on the road to not having this irrational fear in time.

The reason for me highlighting these experiences and the shift which came with them was due to the fact that there was silence in all of them, plus a huge shift in my consciousness. Which has lead me to the thoughts that maybe there is some kind of higher level of communication/thought that we can access through these mediums? Maybe this is something we all have access too? Perhaps the connecting force that unifies humanity? What do you think?

Much love, Luke


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