Proof: Meteorologists Lie about Manmade Weather

It’s tedious and infuriating documenting the scripted lies meteorologists come up with to deny the existence of steam – the No.1. component of Global Geoengineering, but it’s the only way to prove how systemic, deliberate, and rehearsed these tactics are. In this week’s worth of examples, it becomes painfully obvious how afraid these meteorologists are of admitting to steam as a by-product (from power plants and Global Power Grid that RUNS on steam) really are.

This is the ONE topic they are most afraid of being confronted with – because it is so obvious, so visible, and so easily understandable, that literally children can understand it. If an eight-year-old can understand this reality, they know how utterly ridiculous, fraudulent, and ignorant they look pretending they ‘can’t see a thing.’

That is why, as you can see, most of them do their best three-monkey imitation, and BLOCK ME the moment I bring it up. If you approach a meteorologist about “chemtrails” they will happily insult, mock, and dismiss you as “tin foil hat wearing loony,” but approach them with the visible reality of trillions of gallons of Water Vapor (Steam) being generated by 62,500 Power Plants worldwide on a daily basis, and they will clam up, block you, and run away with their fingers in their ears faster than you can blink.

However, as you can see, when it comes to the daily-visible reality of Power Plant Water Vapor generation fueling every single storm system on this planet, the so-called “Geoengineering Truth” community has EXACTLY THE SAME reaction as the complicit meteorology community does. Marshall Shepherd (Former AMS President), James Spann, Sam Champion (Weather Channel), etc., have all blocked me for saying “steam,” but Dane Wigington, Scott Stevens (the supposed whistle-blowing meteorologist), Mark Steer, OpChemtrails, and the entire Anonymous Chemtrails so-called “truth community” has had the same obnoxious, insulting, and dismissive response as the meteorologist community, and have blocked me and this glaring reality in exactly the same manner.

What does this clearly and plainly prove? That the Controlled Opposition masquerading as the “Truth Community” have the same job the meteorologists have. Keep the people confused and talking about unprovable ‘insane sounding’ gibberish, and immediately shut anyone down who mentions the largest, most obvious, easiest to understand, and far and away the most damaging global geoengineering evidence there is – daily massive Water Vapor Generation to fuel devastating severe weather systems.

So, the facts are clear. The meteorologists and those running the coopted “Truth Community,” are on the SAME SIDE. This video, is Clear and Present PROOF of this reality. There is NO explanation for Dane Wigington (“former” [or perhaps – current] Bechtel employee), calling my 20 years of research of daily visible reality “ridiculous,” and “not worthy of debunking,” except to deliberately discredit me and suppress the TRUTH. There is NO explanation for Dane Wigington blatantly LYING about ANY of my videos claiming, “he blames it all on Sun, without any mention of climate engineering.” In 350+ videos I haven’t EVER blamed the sun, and this fabricated lie out of thin air is serves no other purpose except to discredit me… since they can’t find any ACTUAL way to discredit me.

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Note: Stay tuned for the upcoming new interactive course – “guaranteed” to teach anyone to understand the weather for the first time in their life.

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