Pleiadian Message NASA Faked Moon Landing – The Moon Is A Ship Pt2 – Naughty Beaver

Down the rabbit hole we go again! Part 2 of details provided via the Pleiadians, showing that NASA could not have possibly gone to the moon when NASA said they did. Mind blowing Revelations of Moses and the 10 commandments. They did not come from God! It’s a Star Wars universe and we are going to go deep on this one. The information contained within is definitely a hard pill to swallow.
Second feature within the video come from the being known as Ra. Want to find out the real origins of the Bible? The Matrix, the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians and so much more. Don’t miss the show.
Love you lots! Naughty Beaver
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A very special thanks to Gosia for permitting to share her videos with others. They have greatly enriched my life. Video source used Cosmic Agency – YouTube – I met Swaruu and Taygetean Pleiadian Team: Dale Harder and his Extraterrestrial Contact –… ,
second video used, Reptilian Matrix Hack and Mind Control Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message –…