Pleiadian Message – How To Properly Protect Yourself From Coronavirus – Naughty Beaver

A fantastic video just came out from Cosmic Agency, speaking directly with the Pleiadians and they have shared some fantastic wisdom and powerful insights on the Coronavirus and how to PROPERLY protect yourself from it. As well, I have included some information from Harold Kautz Vella and his opinion on the virus and both him and the Pleiadians gave the same final conclusion – DO NOT GET VACCINATED. Fantastic, knowledge packed show that will hopefully give people some true peace of mind. I hope you enjoy the show. Love you lots! Naughty Beaver Source video used: Cosmic Agency – Important Upates (Chinese Virus, Swaruu, and more): Extraterrestrial Communication… If you enjoy the work that I do and would like to support the little beaver’s channel:

or It is greatly appreciated! Suggested video from Harold Kautz Vella to watch 50 ways to fight a Virus with Scientist Harald Kautz Vella / 5G Towers –…
Short clip used in my video