Particle Beam Weapon : The Genius – Nikola Tesla (Matrix World Disclosure)

This invention started from what Tesla called Teleforce, an idea Tesla said he conceived after studying the Van de Graaf generator, an electrostatic machine that uses a moving belt to accumulate large amounts of electrical charge in the interior of a hollow metal sphere. The production of X-rays or experiments in particle physics and nuclear physics could be applied with the generator.
According to Tesla, the particle beam weapon, also known as “death ray” or “peace ray”, was a weapon that would be capable of being used against an entire ground infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes. This single weapon would be so powerful that it would be able to destroy anything that is in a radius of 300 to 400 kilometers. This would have proved to be particularly useful in preventing wars, as it would be able to put an end to it before it starts at all.
Between the 1920s and 1930s there were, in addition to Tesla, other inventors such as Marconi, Matthews or Edwin R. Scott who claimed to have invented the weapon. In 1923 Edwin R. Scott claimed to be the first to develop a death ray with the ability to destroy even aircraft at a great distance. Scott claimed that he worked a decade on the artifact. A year later Harry Matthews appeared trying to sell to the British Air Ministry what he defined as a death ray. The truth is that none of them was able to show an operating model.

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