Part 3: BEHIND THE LINES – More Stunning Photos, Video of Bundy Ranch Standoff

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21st Century Wire

It was an emotional two hours. Last week’s standoff between the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Bundy Ranch supporters will undoubtedly endure as a pivotal moment in 21st century American – where, for the first time in living memory, federal despotism has held in check.

As 21WIRE reported previously, Clark County, Nevada Sheriff Douglas Gillespie had given thousands of Bundy supporters the false impression that the BLM, police and gov’t contracted mercenary soldiers – would in fact be “standing down”. Much to the public’s surprise some two hours later, after making their way along the highway to release hundreds of seized Bundy cattle, they were met with multiple platoons of armed Federal agents and SWAT gunman in what can only be described as a type of ambush by a brutal US government.

Amongst the diverse crowd of Bundy family members and public who bravely volunteered themselves to be on the front line alongside the cowboys – and in the federal gun-sights – were women, specifically cowgirls on horseback (see their photo at bottom of article). This was one of the most powerful and enduring images which will undoubtedly go down in American history.

Provided exclusively to 21WIRE, GMN’s man behind the lines, photographer Shannon Bushman, captured some of the most seminal images recorded during this historic event – not only from behind federal military lines, but also alongside the people whose determination and steel will redefined what liberty and freedom look like in 21st century America.


PARAMILITARY FORCE: The US Gov’t brought soldiers to Bunkerville, ready to fire on American civilians.

BLM MERCS: Somehow, the Bureau of Land Management became a domestic military agency.

OVERKILL: US Federal government made it clear on this day, that they were willing to kill to keep their stolen cattle.

WRONG DESERT: Contracted government mercenaries deploy to their firing positions.


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