This is one of the best Round-Table talks that I have ever listened to!

Tolec is a human representative of the Andromeda Council, Jim Nichols – After thirty years of UFO research, Jim has become a prolific writer, posting 21 BLOG essays on his web site, examining EXOPOLITICS–the political and social impact of a possible extra-terrestrial reality. Ray Kosulandich – Is a multigenerational ET contactee since 1959.Born in Croatia, Yugoslavia, Ray, his Grandfather & Father all had ET visits, Ray has met 32 species of star beings who all speak telepathically, and currently meets with four specific beings approximately every two months for messages and Earth updates that he calls his fab four, Planet X, TX68 Asteroid, Niribu, People being remove Off Planet In July/Septermber 2016, Prime directive, Universal Energy Shift, Star Seeds