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Do You Modulate Your Vibration?

When working with spirit we may find ourselves leaning towards them to “raise” our vibration in order to connect. However, when we can accept that our vibrational state is our personal responsibility, we are then free. We may find ways to elevate our personal energy allowing for the bridge of communication to flow freely with spirit.

The spirit world is filled with people, just like us. They are discovering their own ways and techniques to communicate with us on the earth plane. When we make demands, requests and prayers for them to raise our vibration on our behalf, we are really asking them to do all of the work for us. By engaging ourselves and doing our side of the practice, we create an environment that is relaxed and fluid allowing for spirit to communicate with us in a way becomes symbiotic.

Spirit Communication is a Two-Way Street

Spirit communication is a mutual journey. It’s a path for us to walk together. When we consider spirit a partner, we build a bridge of communication that is more clear, accurate and engaging. In looking at our relationships on the earth plane with spouses, friends, co-workers, and more, we have an expectation that it should be a “two-way” street of giving and receiving. In fact, we may start to feel distant and disconnected when we feel we are the ones doing all of the work in that relationship. It becomes strained and stressful. Maintaining the energy single-handedly becomes exhausting in any relationship. We may even begin to experience a feeling of depletion and emptiness causing us to withdraw.

This is exactly how it works with spirit. We must do our part to “show up” and then they will respond in like. Think of it in terms of a dance. If your partner wants to shimmy and shake, yet you stand still and tell them they need to “move you”, there would be no dance. The moment you start listening to the music, opening your heart and meeting your partner halfway on the dance floor is when the magic truly occurs.

Raise Vibration through Mindful Action

There are endless ways to raise our vibration. Whether through meditation, dance, movement, music, diet, or breath, we all have the innate ability to connect to our own soul and become aligned with our highest self. When we are one with our highest self, we step into our power. It’s in this power that our connection to spirit becomes a channel for clear communication.

We can demonstrate our willingness to participate with spirit by clearly setting our intention. The intention is not about asking spirit to do the work for us. Simply expressing our willingness and readiness for open communication is for the highest good of all. Stepping into our power and surrendering to spirit without expectations from them creates a magical experience. We are co-creators on our journey with spirit.

Some Final Words on Spirit Communication

There is no need to feel as if we must prove ourselves to spirit or vice-versa. They are fully aware of the connection and our ability to communicate with them. When we feel pressure to prove the communication, we are limiting the overall experience.

By accepting the responsibility for our vibrational state and releasing any pressure and expectations and fully surrendering to spirit, we can then marinate in the experience and witness the wonders of spirit communication in a way that is honest, organic and authentic.

About the Author:

Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher, author, and public speaker and was recently named Psychic of the Week by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. Learn more at