by Tamika Nichole

So, did we start something, ha-ha.

Is it too high to get over? or too low to get under?

Are you stuck in the middle?

Or are you a vegetable?

If you did your homework, then you will know what we are talking about.

Did you bother to talk to the man in the mirror?

I hope you learned a whole lot more from Michael Jackson than you did in the past.

Today we have a different topic that needs to be addressed, and that is why organized religion actually works for those that believe.

Many of you have been a part of some kind of religion at some point in time.

Either you were dragged to church by your parents or grandparents.

Or as you became independent you ventured off and tried to see where you could fit in

There are many religions out there and in some way form of fashion they have the same common goal and that is to help you connect with source.

Most of your lower level religion organizers have no idea that they cannot assist you in connecting to source.

They are also not aware that they are disconnected themselves.

And we know that this is part of the old paradigm and there is not much more that we can add there

It’s not that religious officials are directly misleading the masses, they have no idea that they have been misled themselves, and it’s not their fault.

Let’s look at this from another perspective.

When you have awakened, and you are aware of what is going on with the world and you know that you have a higher self.

You are able to connect to your higher self and get information that you never had before.

This is kind of the same premise with organized religion.

I will use Christian churches as our example just to get our point across, but this can be applied to any religion

When a person goes to church and they are a part of a congregation and there is a certain level of loved developed among them

They conduct praise and worship and when this happens this is a collective effort to connect to source

At that present moment they are using their hearts to connect to source and guess what, they are feeling source

They will get small messages and they will feel their true essence in those moments

But once this praise and worship is over, and you close your heart back off, and leave the church; you feel disconnected again.

We are not saying that’s the only time it happens throughout the service; it’s just one of the examples.

So now in your mind you are thinking well, you have to go to church, because you know when you are there you have this connection.

Do you get what we are saying?

Those moments of connection is what keeps you going back for more.

So, for that moment when you were in alignment with source, you will more than likely also get whatever you prayed for, especially if you asked from the heart space.

This goes back to what we told you recently about how the law of attraction works in reference with manifestation; you have to be in alignment with your everything?

Therefore, those who are really into church, and love their congregation, and really have a real togetherness where they share love, are truly connected and will make a ripple

This is why you would hear others say from time to time, we were in church and we felt the holy spirit.

Those who never took to religion will have an issue understand them, because we are sure you went into a church and never felt anything.

May have just observed and said to yourself; this is a bunch of shit; ha-ha we know you did so no reason to be coy.

Now you see how easy it was for the old paradigm to keep working?

People really believe that the church is their connection to source, and they will give their time, money, and energy to the church, it’s that simple

It makes no difference to them where the money goes because the bible tells them that their source needs to get ten percent and they just comply; no questions asked.

Even when the church officials are driving fancy cars and they are taking the bus or walking.

Despite the fact that they are behind on their mortgage, they have to pay their tithes to their source.

Granted they do have some churches that do make the effort to take care of their members and give back.

They will pick up offerings to help a member pay their rent, mortgage, bury a transitioned loved one or pay utility bills and that is great.

But then they are the ones who are in the business of exploitation of their members.

It saddens us that mankind has been left out in the cold, praying to a source that they believe is outside of themselves.

And that is why you are here!

If you have made it this far in this transmission, then you know that there is something that you can do.

It’s our job as a collective to do what they do instead it must be a permanent connection with each other and source to change the direction of our planet

We all have been human at one point and have felt the disconnect so now that we know, we know what we need to do

We will close by saying that we have no issues answering your questions you may have, and my my,do you have a lot.

We will make it our goal to get to them all.

Until next time…we love you all